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SqueezefullcoverAbout the Book: While the East Coast’s New York City is wide awoke, on the opposite side of the world, there’s another city that never sleeps; Las Vegas Nevada. Known as Sin City, their motto is, “What happens in Vegas to stays in Vegas, because anything goes. Which is why the Double G’s have managed to go undetected for so long.

Starrshma Fields aka Starr, is a young, bodacious, bold beauty. She is also the leader of the Double G’s, a powerful, ruthless and gay social club of plus sized women. Founded by Queen Fem, with her guidance, Starr and her group of professionals by day, gangster biker chicks by night, prove that this isn’t just a Man’s World, as they put the squeeze on their primary targets; Men of power and in position. Blackmail and manipulation are their choice of weapons and they are skillful in both.

Agent McCarthy has been tracking the Double G’s since the founder was at the realm of the organization. For years, he could never infiltrate the group of female radicals. As luck would have it, he has finally managed to plant a seed that could possibly lead to the destruction of the Double G’s, when the young Starrshma Fields becomes the new face of the group.

As the temperature increases in Las Vegas, so does the pressure the Double G’s apply. No man is safe or exempt from the Double G’s plight and no one’s life is more important or has any value if you try to stop them. These women are on a mission, and believe the only way they can accomplish it is by keeping the Game and the players in a choke hold!

 Read the excerpt:


(The First of The Double G’s Trilogy)

By J.M. Benjamin



“Bubbles, whatchu’ doin up  in there?” Twenty- three year old Charles Chase aka Chevy’s words penetrated the closed bathroom door of his honey comb hide-out as he impatiently yelled out.

“I’m comin’ baby,” was the muffled response he’d gotten from the other side of the door.

“Well hurry up and bring your big ass out here then. Shit! You know I ain’t got all damn day!” Chevy cursed.

He reached over and picked up his Platinum iced bezel Cartier watch lying on the nightstand next to the bed. He let out a gust of hot air in frustration seeing that he was already fifteen minutes behind schedule. By now, he thought he would be receiving the best oral he’d ever had in his life, followed by the wettest and freakiest sex in existence, complimentary of what he called his big girl jump off piece, known in his neighborhood as Bubbles. Instead, he laid there with a full- blown erection that stood at attention. Chevy stroked his hardness as he envisioned what he intended to do to Bubbles once she came out of the bathroom.

He had received a call from her about an hour ago informing him that she was just leaving the gym and was running a little bit behind. Had it not been for the fact that he was horny, his live-in girlfriend was away in Atlanta and Bubbles was the only one with the ability to make him cum quicker than any other female he’d ever been with, he would’ve canceled on her when she told him she would be late. Now here it was, she was taking even longer freshening up after her work-out session at the gym. This fat bitchChevy thought to himself in frustration. She’s been big all her mu’fuckin’ life since I’ve known her and now she wanna start trynna lose that shit. Jack La Fuckin’ Lane himself couldn’t help her ass, he continued. Chevy snatched up the half-smoked blunt on the nightstand and re-lit it. He took a long drag of the drug and closed his eyes to marinate in its’ euphoria to calm his nerves. In less than two hours, he would be picking up his fiancé Deborah, from Mc Carran International, and wanted to get his dick sucked properly before she returned. He felt like being freaky today, something he felt he couldn’t be or do at home, but could with Bubbles. Although he and Deborah had been together for five years, and he loved her, sexually, she just wasn’t enough. He had known Bubbles before his street fame and fortune, since he was a kid and had been addicted to the way her mouth felt on him and he felt inside her since then. On countless of occasions he fantasized of Bubbles’ mouth and wetness while Deborah performed oral on him and during sex. He wished Deborah could make him feel the way Bubbles did and then there wouldn’t be any need for a Bubbles, he reasoned with himself, but that wasn’t the case.

Chevy took another pull of the weed then glanced at his watch for a second time. Another six minutes had gone by.

“Bubbles!” he barked. The irritation was apparent in his tone.  “Bring your big ass out here. Don’t nobody give a fuck how big you are, I ain’t fuckin’ your rolls,” he added, with a light chuckle behind his words.  The drug had taken affect. He was used to talking to her in that manner with no regards to how it made her feel. Just as he knew Bubbles was used to hearing it. He had no way of knowing the impact of his words today though and how they had penetrated the other side of the bathroom door.


 Twenty- two year old Tamara Washington aka Bubbles stared at herself in the full sized mirror. The mascara and foundation she had just been applying to her face began to run and smear from the tears that began to pour out of her eyes. She felt like a fool for crying over something and someone who could care less about her, let alone have any type of love for her. If only her girls could see her now she thought. It was because of them she was actually there in the first place. She knew they’d be disappointed and upset if they knew she was in the bathroom falling to pieces, but they just didn’t understand, thought Tamara. What they had continuously coached her through was not any easy task. Especially when it involved the man she loved. For as long as she could remember, she had a school -girl crush on Chevy and carried a torch for him. Ever since he moved right next door to her in the Carey Arms apartments when she had lived with her grandmother, he was all she ever wanted. It was love at first sight for Tamara. Chevy was actually the first person to make her feel beautiful and wanted. When her grandmother would launch her verbal assault about her weight and eating habits, it was Chevy who told her how pretty she was and how God had created her the way He wanted her to be. When other kids teased her in the neighborhood and in school, it was Chevy who used to come to her aid and fight them off. And when all the kids used to play hide-go-get it, it was Chevy who she always wanted to catch her and it was only Chevy she would let get it. He was her first and she gave it to him whenever and however he wanted it. He was the only one that had ever made her feel special. Once he started hustling, things became different- he became different. Girls slimmer and prettier became his primary target and she became secondary, sometimes third or fourths. Bubbles could recall the first time he had publicly humiliated her as if it were yesterday, making her feel lower than she never thought possible. She could never forget how excited she was to see him around their housing projects apartments one day after getting off the Cheyenne high school bus. To Bubbles, she remembered Chevy looking like something straight out of a GQ magazine, as he sat on the hood of his BMW 325i while a pretty-chocolate toned girl leaned between his legs and some of the project guys flocked around him. Until this day, she regretted ever speaking to him. Bubbles closed her eyes and relived the traumatic incident as the degrading sounds of his voice filled her ears.

“Chevy, you know her?”Karmen asked in disgust. She shot Bubbles a twisted look and then looked up at Chevy with a frown plastered on her face.

“What? Know her like what?” Chevy looked from Bubbles back to Karmen.

“Man, you know you fuckin’ Big Bubbles,” one of Chevy’s boys joked.  The rest of his boys broke into laughter.

Bubbles stood there with tears forming in her eyes. She was sure Chevy would come to her rescue and save her the way he always had.

“I know you ain’t fuckin’ with nothin’ like that and tryna to fuckin’ with me too?” Karmen spat with attitude.

“Man, ya’ll buggin’ the fuck out,” Chevy barked. “I don’t fuck with no fat bitches!”

His words nearly caused Bubbles to faint. She felt as if she couldn’t breathe and her heart nearly stopped. She became dizzy as the crowd bellied over in laughter. What little strength she had left in her body, she took flight. Later that evening, Chevy picked her up and apologized a thousand times as they drove through Winslow park. Bubbles forgave him, like she always did, right before he pulled over and unzipped his jean’s zipper in his BMW and guided her head between his legs.

That was the first incident, but it was not the last. Now here it was, after enduring years of mental, emotional and verbal abuse and settling for less, Tamara Washington came to the realization that Charles “Chevy” Chase was no different than the others who contributed to tearing her down and trying to break her spirits. She shook her head and laughed to herself, but there was no humor in her tone. It was more of a self-pity type of laughter. She couldn’t help but reflect back on the damaging words that had pierced her heart and broke her down like a double barrel shot gun two weeks prior to today when she thought she was carrying Chevy’s child. The words, “You’re not even worthy to have my baby,” and “All the dudes you fuckin’, that shit can’t be mine,” echoed inside Bubble’s mind. She took one last look at herself in the mirror. She adjusted her bra and the straps of her negligee. “You can do this,” she said aloud before she took a deep breath. Then she turned and reached for bathroom door handle.


“Damn, what took you so long?” Chevy complained as Bubbles entered the room. “And you still look the same,” he added.

Bubbles flashed a half of a smile and made her way over to the bed.

“Yeah, come to daddy.” Chevy stroked his hardness.

Bubbles crawled onto the bed and grabbed hold of Chevy’s dick. She peered up at him, licked the tip of his helmet then wrapped her lips around it.

“Ooh yeah,” Chevy cooed. He looked down at Bubbles as she swirled her tongue around the head. The two of them locked eyes as she toyed with dick. A devilish grin appeared across Bubbles’ face before she took all of Chevy into her mouth. Chevy’s toes curled and his ass cheeks tensed up.

“Fuck,” he moaned. Chevy placed his right hand on top of Bubbles’ head. “Yeah, right there.” He pushed Bubbles’ head down, tossed his head back and closed his eyes while she devoured him with her mouth.

Bubbles took another glance up at Chevy. She knew it was just a matter of mere minutes before her oral skills forced Chevy to explode. She began to attack Chevy’s shaft vigorously. She deep throated him like there was no tomorrow. This always had Chevy squirming. Chevy thrust his dick into Bubbles’ mouth. She knew he always did that when he was about to cum. She tightened her lips and let him roughly sex her mouth. Five seconds later, Chevy had reached the point of no return, and so did Bubbles.

“Sshiit, fuck!” Chevy twisted and turned as if he were going into convulsion. “Agh! Fuck! Yo, what the fuck? Agh! Agh!”

Chevy’s cries of ecstasy immediately turned into cries of pain, but Bubbles paid them no mind. She was in a zone. She blocked his cries out as she stabbed Chevy repeatedly in the mid with the sharp blade she had tucked in her bra. The only thing on her mind was all the pain he had caused her over the years. Chevy tried to fight off the attack at first but the fact that he was high and never worked out a day in his life, his 5’5, 160 lb frame was no match for Bubbles’ five times a week, gym goer, 5’8, 195 lb frame. Bubbles was so engrossed in the deadly assault that she hadn’t realized Chevy had long ago stopped moving. It wasn’t until she felt the hand on her shoulder that she had broken out of her trance. Bubbles looked up at Chevy, who laid lifeless and wide eyed on the bed. All the blood nearly caused her to vomit but she shook it off.

“You did good baby girl,” the voice echoed in her ear.

 Bubbles turned and looked back. She was glad to see her girls. They were standing there with admiration plastered across their faces.

“Normally, we would have had you handle this differently for business related purposes, but he was no use to us. I made this one personal for you,” the woman who she respected the most known as Starr announced.

A half of a smile appeared on Bubbles face. The words brought comfort to her once nervous wreck demeanor.

“Go clean up and get dressed.”

Bubbles nodded and climbed off the bed. Ten minutes later, she exited the bathroom bloodless and clothed.

“You ready?” Starr asked.

Bubbles shook her head.

“Okay, place your right hand on your chest and listen carefully,” Starr instructed.

Bubbles did as she was told.

“I am confident, I am bold and I am beautiful. I am big both in heart and in flesh and I am who I am because God designed me this way. I am a woman who make no excuses for who and what I am and refuse to let anyone past judgment. Most importantly, I refuse to be oppressed by any living man and will stop at nothing to ensure that neither myself nor my sisters will ever be. No man shall never or no longer degrade me, belittle me or disrespect me, nor shall they lay a hand on me in any form or fashion with or without my consent. I am a Double G, which means I am double the trouble and I am a “Gangsta Girl”. I swear that if another violates or crosses me or my family, the consequences and penalties shall be severe. Double G’s is not a gang, it is a way of life. A life I pledge to live until I breathe my last breath!”

Bubbles stood in awe and listened attentively until Starr had ended. As Starr recited the Double G’s pledge, Bubbles could feel herself growing stronger with each word. She knew she had made the right choice.

“Do you accept this pledge?” Starr asked.

“Yes, I do.” Bubbles nodded.

Starr grinned. “Good. Well then you’re one of us now.”

The woman beside Starr nodded in agreement.

“Double G’s for life!” Starr chimed.

“Double G’s for life,” her two crime partners Diamond and Felicia sang in unison.

“Double G’s for life,” Bubbles joined them as she was welcomed into her new family…

Chapter One

Seven years later…

Coming soon!

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