Book Reviews; Malicious

Four Star Book: They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But a bitch like me, Latoya Collins, prefers to throw it in your face like hot grits! If these scandalous ho’s Jasmine and Nikki think they can get away with screwing my baby daddy Malachi Turner, and taking all his money for themselves, den them ho’s got the wrong bitch! I’m coming back for what I rightfully deserve; everything! And I’ma make sure these tricks lose it all. What, you mad?

Malicious frontcover 450 x 685Malicious, although named a stand alone novel is part of the “Pink Palace” series featuring characters from both “The Pink Palace” & “The Pink Palace: Money, Power and Sex”

From the beginning of the book, it was a page turner. I could not put it down and I knew with McCaulsky’s previous work, he would not fail me. We meet Toy the baby mama of Malachi Turner and she is set on revenge. Situations are set in place to make Nikki and Jasmine pay for their past.

McCaulsky did an extraordinary job in taking me right into the city of Atlanta. Throughout the book I felt like I walked right along side the characters in each scene. He also did an amazing job with the twists and turns that were set in the book. Simply put, he did not disappoint.

I will say that the book could have had a better editng job. There were mistakes in the book that took away from the story at times.

The ook ended with a cliffhanger and I am expecting a part four. When he decides to write it and release it, I will be eager to read that book as well. Great job on a phenominal storyline!

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