In The Spotlight; Up Close and Personal with E Marie

E Marie allowed PEN’Ashe Magazine to have an exclusive interview with her upon the release of her new book “Consequence and Repercussions.” This book is the follow-up to “To K(no)w Avail,” which was released in August 2010. I read and reviewed that book and was eager to get my hands on the sequel. After a long three years of anticipation, E Marie has finally released the follow-up to this book and I got the chance to speak with her first about it.

LIZ2I had the pleasure to sit down with a phenomenal, amazing and all around kind and giving author. I’ve sat down with many authors, but none of my interviews can compare to being in the company of Mrs. E Marie Sanders.

E Marie allowed PEN’Ashe Magazine to have an exclusive interview with her upon the release of her new book “Consequence and Repercussions.” This book is the follow-up to “To K(no)w Avail,” which was released in August 2010. I read and reviewed that book and was eager to get my hands on the sequel. After a long three years of anticipation, E Marie has finally released the follow-up to this book and I got the chance to speak with her first about it.

“I’m finishing my third semester of my doctorate work, and for the life of me, I don’t know what made me think I could publish and market a book while doing this! I have three semesters to go.” E Marie said as she began the interview. “I started “Consequences and Repercussions” before I went back to school, almost immediately after I finished its prequel, “To K(no)w Avail”. I would squeeze time in between teaching and my other responsibilities. Sometimes, that meant getting up in the middle of the night or staying up late. Indie writers have to squeeze it in and still be faithful to the craft. For me, that’s what I had to do.‏”

If you didn’t know by now, E Marie is a busy body! Simply follow her on Twitter or Facebook and you will see that she wears many hats. But that doesn’t keep her from doing what she loves. Her stories are inspirational messages meant for everyone, man or woman, boy or girl.

Although it took three years for the release of “Consequences and Repercussions”, it wasn’t the writing of the book that took up so much time. The editing, designing, and marketing is what has taken up so much time in getting this book to print. E Marie says, “Writing is the easy part!”

Being that “Consequences and Repercussions” focuses on the same characters from “To K(no)w Avail,” this book was easy to push through. “Expanding them and spotlighting some of the secondary characters a little more was extremely organic, just as if they were naturally maturing.” E Marie says that she allowed her characters to simply take the wheel with this book. She didn’t have a plot or notes while writing this book.

“Kyle is forced to make his transition from a boy to a man very quickly in this book.  He faces demons that bothered him in the past and manages to conquer them with wise counseling and a reminder that God is always with him.  Avail grows up a little too, realizing that what she wants for her walk with God and her life are worth the struggle.  Ironically enough, she is the one that struggles the most with the changes in her own thinking of what a relationship should be and how she should conduct herself as a young Christian woman.  Shea and Raine remain the true friends Avail leans on, but Grey ups his game in the area of friendship. He wants more from his connection with Avail, though he himself knows he can only go so far.  Camden still manages to be a little sneaky and Celeste makes good on her cold promise to Avail.‏ Two new characters, Chrys and Dill, Avail’s cousins, add more cohesiveness to the story along with Reese and Frick.‏”

As self-published authors, we take on many hats, editor, marketer, publisher; the list goes on. E Marie knows all too well what it is like to wear these hats and how difficult they can sometimes be. “It’s sort of a joint effort between me and the assigned editor I get from CreateSpace. I do as much as I can, but my eyes often deceive me. In fact, that’s why it took me so long to release “Consequences and Repercussions.” I missed four critical mistakes my husband caught right before the book went to print.‏”

Publishing has many different platforms that self-published authors use to get their books in print. E Marie uses Createspace and I asked why she took this route with her literary career. She explains, “When I searched for a self-publishing company years ago, I adored, and still do, what they had to offer. They offer a variety of services, but the package I get includes one round of comprehensive editing, the cover designing, and the interior design as well.  They have marketing services, but I feel like that’s my job, so I don’t bother to use them for that.‏ I like the fact that they’re a print in demand printing house.‏ I also appreciate their direct connection with Amazon since it is one of Amazon’s smaller companies.‏”

If you have read any of E Marie’s books, you will notice a passion, a message, a creativity and determination to get into the minds of readers.  I asked E Marie about her passion for her work, in particularly this series. She says, “With The K(no)w Series, as well as with my other books, my passion lays with showing readers the realness of being a Christian: the highs, the lows, dealing with sin, standing on godly principles, and depicting a life that isn’t boring and restrictive. I slip in a message and give something for the readers to walk away with and ponder on, even if they are not Christians.‏”

I went a little deeper with E Marie in discussing the lines many Christian fiction authors take. I notice in my reading that there are many authors that call themselves Christian Fiction Authors yet, their storylines are borderline horror, erotica and street. Coming from an author that has a strong Christian background, I asked E Marie if she believed that other Christian Fiction authors are riding the borderline of the way a Christian is supposed to carry themselves. I asked if she felt that some authors take some storylines a bit too far. This is what she had to say, “That’s the tricky thing with this genre. If you are uncensored and don’t handle the story lines with tack and grace, then the message can get lost. On the other hand, people/readers can accuse you of being fake and stale.  I think the delivery of the message is key.  For me, I always think that there is a way to be real without defaming the Christian life. I choose not to include things like cussing or extremely graphic scenes in my books – though I don’t avoid them. I’m just careful how I handle it because how I handle it may distract the reader from the message.  As for other Christian Fiction writers who make the choice to push it a little further than I would, I can only hope that the message they’re sharing in their book is strong enough to overcome any blurriness or confusion the reader may experience.‏”

With E Marie’s books, you can guarantee a message and it will be expressed and noticed throughout her books.

If you have not read “To K(no)w Avail” coming from a reader, you should pick up the book and read it first before you read “Consequences and Repercussions.” E Marie expresses that it would be helpful if the reader reads “To K(no)w Avail” before going on to the sequel. She does feel that she wrote the book in such a way that it will be easy to jump right into “Consequences and Repercussions.”

“Consequences and Repercussions” is now on Kindle, which is the only electronic way to download it. E Marie says that part three of this series, “A Wonderful Change”, may not release for another three years. “I know how the series is going to flow; I just need to write it!” she says.

As I’ve said before, E Marie is different. I can’t place her in a box like most of the authors I know. E Marie writes with a different type of passion and it stands out in her work. I asked her what makes her different from other authors in her genre of Christian Fiction. She explains, “I’m not commercial… far from it. I’d like to think of my work as authentic and realistic. I do my best to stay away from the typical “church scene” because Christians live 90% of their life outside of church.  That’s what I want to show. I seek to show the reader himself or herself in order for him or her to conduct a self-examination.  Like I said earlier, the message is key, and I do my best to focus on it as much as possible.‏”

Currently, because of E Marie’s busy schedule, she has no signings or other interviews lined up for the promotion of  “Consequences and Repercussions.” We can definitely expect to see movies and book trailers from E Marie in 2014. She will also start writing “A Wonderful Change”, book three to the series, sometime this year.”

If you haven’t picked up a book from E Marie Sanders, now is the time to do it!

“To K(no)w Avail”

“Consequences and Repercussions”

All of E Marie’s books are available on Amazon


About E Marie: Having been born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, E. Marie Sanders claims to be a mixture of southern hospitality with northern know-how.  She taught in the public school system for 12 years and has served as a youth pastor for the past 15 years, observing the habits of the age group she hoped to write for one day.  The stories she told in classroom grabbed her reluctant readers’ attention and guided her toward putting the stories on paper.  Her story lines and ideas develop by combining a dash of urban real life with great storytelling fiction and imagination.  E. Marie seeks to grab the reader, youth and adults alike, in the very beginning and continues to build momentum throughout the story in order to make the reading experience a joy for those who frown upon the pastime.  Her first book, To K(no)w Avail, won the 2011 Favorite Book of the Year honors with From a Writer’s POV Magazine.  Blindsided made her an Best Selling Author by reaching the #11 spot on the Contemporary Fiction Best Sellers list. Her latest book, Consequences and Repercussions, is the second book in The K(no)w Series and will please anticipating readers.

E. Marie is a full time college English instructor and a doctorate student. She is a member of Faith Tabernacle Christian Center ( and the North Carolina Writers’ Network.  She and her husband Eric reside in Lumberton, North Carolina. 

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