It is Spoken; Don Savant

When a writer finds their niche, it is a natural inkling to share their wealth in words to an appreciative audience. What better genre to do that with than poetry? This edition’s featured Poet, John Keenan a.k.a. Don Savant, is a man of many words and an inspiration to many who have followed his successful path into poetry.

Don Savant - All Out of Love Back Cover PicAs many poets, Don goes deep into his soul to expose his love, his vulnerabilities, his faith, his opinions, his strengths and his weaknesses. He challenges himself as well as others to bring the truest sentiments to the surface in the form of poems and prose. Some of his latest work puts all of this into play as he shares the field with fellow poets. I first asked Don about his 3-part anthology, Battle of The Sexes:

Don, please tell us about your expanding concept of the Battle of the Sexes collective series.

“I was inspired to do Battle of the Sexes by listening to Michael Baisden’s radio show.  He has a Battle of the Sexes segment, which is basically a game of trivia between his male and female callers.  I thought it would be interesting, since much of my poetry is geared towards a theme of love and relationships, if I introduced a number of topics that men and women could speak on poetically.”

What is your plan on more sequels to the collective?

“I am currently putting the finishing touches on the 3rd Edition, which I plan to release later this month.  I want to start the recruiting process for the 4th Edition at the beginning of 2014, in hopes that I will be able to release it by summer.  I’d love to keep them going, as long as there is support behind it, and the topics remain relevant.”

Support will not be hard to find as long as love and romance are the topics. Relationships and beliefs, life and experience make the poetic world go ‘round, affecting the contribution to one’s poem. Don’s poetic world revolves around all of this growing up in Spartanburg, SC.

How have your relationship experiences affected your style of poetry writing?

“My entire life has affected my writing style.  I started writing because of my life and the relationships that I was supposed to.  My poetry is a mixture of things I’ve been through personally, and things I’ve witnessed others go through.”

What (or who) keeps your interest going in your continued success in writing poetry?

“Life itself keeps me interested but, I have to say that God keeps me going.  I honestly take no credit for the things that I write, because I know that it all comes from Him.  This gift is something that I was blessed with, and as long as my pen flows, I will share what I’m given.”

With new venues and multiple ways to showcase one’s poetry today, the future holds an endless expansion in expressing one’s self. As Don continues to stock bookshelves with more books of poetry, he also sees the positivity of poetry in the future. I asked him what his plan into the future holds:

How do you see the future of your poetry…is there any plan in the making of you adapting any of your books into something bigger in the media world?

“I have several different books lined up as far as poetry goes, all with different themes if you will.  I would love to write a themed book or spoken word poetry or slam poetry and have it performed and recorded by a group of spoken word and slam artists.  Sort of like a documentary that supplements the book.  I’d also like to write a book of what I would call poetic remixes.  In this I would take some poetry by some of the world’s most famous poets and rewrite them.  I used to run a poetry forum online and this was one of the contests I held monthly.  I would take an established poem and the participants would write their own original poem using only the first words of every line of the existing poem. 

“I would also like to do a spoken word cd and finish some of the novels that I’ve started.  It would be an ultimate goal to have them turned into movies.”


Take us into your musing session; at what stage in this will we see your flow start on your pen-to-paper session (in other words, what gets you started on a serious poetic flow)?

“I’m a really deep thinker.  I notice everything and I study people and situations very carefully.  I can get lost in thought at any given moment.  I can be all alone, think about something or someone, or just see anything that I interpret as beauty and it will trigger something special from within me.”

Last Words: Don leaves us some last words with a poetic flow from “something original, coming off the top of my head.”

Love Restoration


I can hear love coming

But I fear love…running

Like water flowing through my veins

Where blood is supposed to be…

Wearing thin

From all of the drama

That comes from within

This abundance of


I’ve embraced love

Until I

Had to erase love

And I thought that

All may be lost


Love and I

Simply weren’t meant to be but

My mind was changed

By the strong pulse of your beauty

That has grabbed my heart,

Looked into my eyes and

Held my hand

Forcing me to feel again

To heal again

And now the real begins and

Quite frankly

I wouldn’t have it

Any other way…


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