Book Reviews; Twisted Vows of Seduction

Four Stars-In this scandalously provocative soap-drama series, deceit, seduction, and a tempestuous affair intertwines the lives of lascivious lovers who will go above and beyond to keep their sexual trysts a secret, but the curse of temptation will lead to revelations that may result in their own demise.

TwistedVowsCovers1cStill mourning the death of his lover, Denise, Greg Adams conspires to leave his wife. He believes that Denise has come back to him in the form of a woman named Naomi Brooks, and he can’t forget her. But there’s one problem—his wife is going to honor every line in their wedding vows until death does them part.

 Naomi Brooks, a recovering alcoholic, enters into an orchestrated affair to deceive Greg by creating the perfect illusion. Will the plan work or will she find herself a victim in a twisted game?

A long-term torrid affair with her best friend’s husband, Jeff, has scarred Nadine Collins for life. Nadine decides she must take a vow of celibacy to cleanse her spirit. While her journey seems impossible, she can see a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s only one problem—she’s still not over Jeff, now a divorcé living life in the fast lane.

Ménage, an aspiring actress, has her sights set on Hollywood. She will do anything to ensure her rise to the top, including robbing Jeff of all the life insurance money he collected after his wife died. But a blast from the past slows her down. When Jeff comes running to her rescue, it proves to be the perfect setup.

Book Review

In Twisted Vows of Seduction, the book picks up just about where it left off in book one.  We are introduced to a few new characters while still wondering what next for the old characters.

Denise is gone and Jeff and Nadine are trying to move but Nadine has other hopes and wishes. Jeff turns to outside sources to help him cope and in book one we thought Greg and his wife were long gone, but they play a huge part in the second book.

I thought it was a great continuing story. The author did a wonderful job in taking us out of book one and right into book two with a smooth transition. The author gave us big twists and turns and a shocking ending that keeps the reader wanting for me. In a series like this, I would have liked for Book three to come out this summer rather than this winter but I think it will be worth the wait. Good job!

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