Haute off the Press with the Editor; Up Close and Personal with Diamond Cartel

Interview Photo 2While I have been writing for years I never became serious about it until after I left an abusive relationship. It was my way of expressing how I felt while also helping other women trapped in the same or similar situation. Once I realized just how much writing helped get me through that dark time I kept at it.

  1. What prompted you to get into the writing game? ~ Writing was my way of release. While I have been writing for years I never became serious about it until after I left an abusive relationship. It was my way of expressing how I felt while also helping other women trapped in the same or similar situation. Once I realized just how much writing helped get me through that dark time I kept at it.
  2. What challenges have you overcome? ~ My biggest challenge so far is overcoming slander. I never thought I would be the target of defamation until it actually happened. Luckily, it only made me stronger – and it gave me something else to write about! Another challenge that I’m sure all new writers can relate to is the big “R” – rejection! It took me two years to receive my first rejection letter from a publishing company. What hurt even worse is that the rejection was written on a cut up slip of paper. It was horrifying and made me feel like I wasn’t even worth a formal letter. I almost gave up writing when that happened to me, but I knew my story had a purpose. So instead of letting a slip of paper kill my career I used it as motivation. Now I actually seek rejection. It sounds weird, I know, but it fuels me creatively.
  3. Name two relatively unknown authors that have inspired you and why. ~ The first writer would definitely be my literary mentor, Dread. His writing and storytelling skills are second to none. You definitely have a special skill when the son of Stephen King complements and admires you. I can’t think of anyone else off hand, but any author that’s willing to put their talent and reputation on the line, brave the elements in this industry we call publishing, and keep writing regardless of the outcome has my admiration and respect. It takes a strong mentality to be a writer and the one’s I’ve met thus far have all inspired me in one way or another.
  4. What are your favorite things about being an author? ~ Where do I begin?! I love creating stories that emulate reality, yet also allow readers to escape it. I love creating characters that I can relate to, especially the ones that live for debauchery. In all honesty, sometimes I live vicariously through them and do things I wouldn’t dare do in real life. Writing allows me to be adventurous while still remaining legal, moral, and ethical.
  5. What’s your opinion on the current battle between e-books and print books? ~ I honestly don’t believe there is a real battle between the two. While some people do enjoy e-books there will always be a need for physical books. We are an overly dependent technological society and computers, smart phones, and tablets run our daily lives. Sometimes people just want to go back to the basics and flip a page – or twenty – of a good book. Both e-books and print books will always be in high demand and neither will ever outshine the other.
  6. How do you keep from getting stagnant in writing? ~ By writing in spurts instead of forcing myself to stick to a writing schedule. Music always helps me get in the mood to write. I also try to switch up what I write about to help generate fresh ideas and concepts. Typecasting is my kryptonite, so instead of sticking with one genre I’ll write short stories in different genres such as romance, horror, motivation, or even comedy. I tend to keep these writing exercises to myself, but they help get my creative juices flowing.
  7. What’s been your best social media outlet/marketing tool? ~ I think Twitter has been my best social media marketing tool so far, with Facebook being a close second. I use them interchangeably though. I like using Twitter for short messages and Facebook for longer, more in-depth ones
  8. Where do you see your career in five years? ~ In five years I will have fully established Isys Publications which is my publishing company. I want to open doors for other unknown authors who have stories to tell, but struggle with the process of being signed by a big name publisher. My goal for Isys is to allow authors to be themselves, tell their stories how they see fit, and use their talents in ways that are otherwise stifled by some publishing companies. Of course, I’ll still have stories to tell of my own. I will always write; as long as there’s a story to tell there’s a reason for me to write.
  9. What mark do you hope to leave on the literary field? ~ I want to be the author that’s known for really connecting with people. My stories have to fulfill what I call the 3 E’s. They have to 1) entertain, 2) empower, and 3) encourage. To me, writing isn’t just about entertaining my readers. That’s only part of the equation. When a reader puts my book down I want them to feel better about their life than they did when they first picked it up. I also want them to take that same empowerment and pay it forward to someone else. I guess you can say I want to create a literary domino effect.
  10. Any advice for new authors? ~ The best advice I can give to new authors – and those who desire to be an author – is to never stop writing. No matter how silly, unkempt, or purposeless it may seem every story you have to tell needs to be heard by someone…even if that someone is yourself. Always have something with you to jot down ideas because there’s no guarantee it’ll come back. You know the saying, “If it’s important I’ll remember it later.”? Well, that doesn’t apply to authors! Finally, keep a close eye on your worst enemy. They will tell you it can’t be done…your writing sucks…no one will read or publish it…you’re wasting your time…anything to knock you off track. Do not listen to the negative nonsense. Instead, keep writing! Write as much as you can as often as you can. The more you write, the less the enemy can attack. Oh, and if you’re wondering where to find them you need to look no further than your reflection in the mirror.

About the Author:

“Writing is not only my passion; it’s my purpose.” That is clearly evident in every novel, short story, article, and literary work produced by Diamond Cartel. Since the age of eight, writing has been a way for her to express what she’s feeling, thinking, and experiencing in life. With three novels, a compilation, and a motivational book all under her belt, Diamond utilizes her passion for words to tell a story to the hearts, minds, and spirits of everyone she comes in contact with. Adding her own twist to traditional storytelling, Diamond doesn’t just write to entertain, but also to empower and encourage. That is why she is the self-professed “novelist like no other.”

            Outside her role as a novelist, Diamond also doubles as The Motivational Rockstarr. Under this persona, her goal is to motivate, inspire, and teach others the fundamentals of being successful and following your passion. Everyone has an artist within them. No matter if you’re a writer, painter, photographer, or entrepreneur The Motivational Rockstarr has something to fuel your drive, give you clarity, and provide you with the tools you need to progress along your path.

            After all I said and done, Diamond loves to simply live and experience life. An avid explorer, she loves to travel. No distance is too great or too small for exploring. She also loves to spend quality time with her children, get lost in a night of music and dancing, and make others laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Diamond truly lives to love and loves to live.

Follow the Author:

Instagram (new): dcrockstarr

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