Hot E-books to Download; Deceitful Temptations

FRONT ONLY COVERSynopsis: Just how far will you go to deceive someone? Will you tell one lie to cover up another? Will you hurt the ones you love in order to cover up deception at any cost?
Meet Pastor Maurice James and his wife Charmaine. The two once shared a strong bond as a married couple. A dedicated wife, faithful member to the church, and a talented Architecture Manager, are the task that Charmaine takes on while continuing to dedicate her life to her husband’s career, and his mission to leave the congregation to become the next Mayor of Los Angeles. Sounds like Charmaine is the perfect saint. Or is she?
Maurice has always admired his wife’s dedication to his career, but he finds it hard to admire her outside of their public lives despite her efforts to make his career relevant. How long will he be able to continue to ignore the devil’s calling to give into the temptations of the world?
As Maurice has plans to become the next Mayor, his opponent has other plans for him. Those plans involve Dominica. Dominica has marked her territory by setting out to become a millionaire, if she pulls off her plan to make Pastor James fall in love with her. But is it more than money that she’s setting out to get? Most importantly is she executing her plan alone?
Deceitful Temptations is a mind blowing novel that’s full of crooked politics, deceitful lies, and buried secrets.
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