Join our Team!

We are looking for writers to be contributing columnist at PEN’Ashe Magazine. We want to not only promote authors, writers and business owners but also give advice and tips on various topics across the literary field.

We are hand picking writers to be a part of our team and submit articles for each issue.

PEN’Ashe Magazine is a two month magazine so writers will submit an article every other month. We send out reminders to writers letting them know that articles are due. The writer will host its own column. Giving it a name and sticking with the same theme each month. PEN’Ashe helps promote these columns through Facebook, twitter and other social media networks to bring in more readers and followers.

We are looking for committed and dedicated writers to join our team. If you feel as though you may not be able to commit to this project, please do not inquire. It is a non-paying job. However, we are working towards PEN’Ashe Magazine having a big and strong following that you will benefit from. We will not accept late or occasional work. All articles are due on a specific day and we expect those articles to be submitted at that time. If writers do not follow these two specific rules, we will let you go from the team.

Articles that are submitted will be read and edited (The articles content WILL NOT be changed. However, our editor will check for minor spelling and punctuation mistakes. If something needs to be changed in your article, we will notify you.)

All articles submitted must be original content and not used or published on any other website, social media network or blog.

Columns that are available:

Cover Design/Images and Illustrations: this column focuses on cover design, tips, tricks and advice about having a page turning cover for your book. This column also covers, web design.

Social Media: this column focus on promoting across social networks such as Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. This column should cover online promotion.

Publishing: this column focuses on publishing books on kindle, in paperback format, epub, smashwords, Apple and more. This column should cover any type of publishing concerning books.

Contract/Legal Matter: (writer must have some type of knowledge or experience in legal matters) this column focuses on the legal side of being an author. Helping readers with contracts, logos, trademarks and copyright matters and questions.

If you are interested in writing for us, but do not see a topic you would like to write under, please contact us and suggest it. We are open to any suggestions.


If you would like to inquire about becoming a columnist on our magazine, please inquire at:


Subject: Magazine Column Writer


Your first and last name

Your bio

Professional picture (head shot only in attachment)

Please be sure to allow 24 hours for our staff to contact you! We reserve the right to decline any inquiry.


PEN’Ashe Magazine Staff


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