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10157034_10154033353965722_285769393_nBest Selling Author Marlon McCaulsky has been writing seriously since 2001. After reading a book written by Zane, he was inspired to write a short story and then novels. In college he took a class on Screenplay and fell in love with it. I’ve known Marlon for many years and met him through his first book “The Pink Palace” I was blown away by the story and have followed his career throughout the years. I’m honored to have him on PEN’Ashe and allow my readers to get to know the man behind the many films and books.

Marlon signed with Triple Crown Publications before venturing off on his own. He was forced to go off on his own because of the shady self-destruction that was going on with the owner. “I decided that I still wanted to get my work out there the way I wanted them to see it (story wise and cover wise) so self-publishing was a logical next step.” Marlon explains.

Marlon is known for his hot page turning series, “The Pink Palace” I asked Marlon what his inspiration was behind writing the series. “I wanted to just write a story about an undercover cop and it just grew into being about a strip club. I drew inspiration from the 90’s films “The Player’s Club” and In Too Deep. I wanted the story to feel like a film. So I smashed both of those films together in my head and put my twist on it and out popped the Pink Palace.”

The Pink Palace is available in Paperback and E-book on

I like to consider Marlon a veteran author. He’s been around for years and has experienced a lot in his career even the gruesome experience of having a shady publisher which no author ever wants to go through. I asked Marlon about his challenges in the literary field and being an author. He explains, “My biggest challenge has been finding a home with a major publisher. I feel like there are so many hoops you have to jump through just to get a “good” literary agent so you can get to a major company. It’s been frustrating.”

If you know Marlon and know his journey, you know that he is not only an author but also a screenplay writer. I was amazed when he began to promote his movie “Used To Temporary Happiness”. I thought ‘Wow, he’s really stepping out of the box’. I was impressed. Marlon tells me how he got started in doing movies and what it takes to bring them to life.

“I always wanted to do films. That’s what I started off doing at first before I wrote books. I met graphic designer Lamont Gant through a mutual friend author K. Roland Williams and he did a few book covers for me. Once I came to him with the story “Used To Temporary Happiness” he asked me if I wanted to make it into a film. I was like “hell yeah” (in my head). After we did UTTH in 2013 it was a dream come true. We both wanted to make more films and we formed Creative Genius Films. We’ve just completed two short films “No Time For Love” and “Annulment” which Lamont directed and I co-wrote the screenplay for.”

Although making movies can be excited and invigorating, I asked Marlon about the challenges he deals with when bringing these movies to life. He says laughing, “Location, location, location… when you’re writing a book the only limitation is your imagination. With a film you have to put it in the real world. Your budget and resources dictate a lot of what you can do. So you have to be creative with filming.”

As Marlon moves through his literary and film career, he tells me that music and movies inspire him the most. They give him a starting point and he lets his imagination take over.

In 2014 Creative Genius Films will release “No Time For Love” and “Annulment”. They will also release “Used to Temporary Happiness” in some format this year as well. “I can’t wait for you all to see “No Time For Love” and “Annulment”

Of course, we couldn’t end the interview without asking Marlon what his advice is for his fellow authors, “Be careful signing contracts because you don’t want to be trapped in a three or four book deal with a publisher who isn’t giving you the help you need to be successful. Always research the company or people you work with. Look at what they’ve done before and who they’ve done it with. Listen to what other authors have to say about them. It can save you from having to deal with shady people.”

About the Author:

Marlon McCaulsky, originally from Brooklyn, New York was raised in St. Petersburg FL. Marlon is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa (IADT) with a passion for art and music. While taking a class on film making Marlon discovered a love for writing screenplays that soon developed into writing novels. Getting his first major break in 2008, his prior publications include “The Pink Palace,” “From Vixen 2 Diva,” “The Pink Palace II: Money, Power, & Sex,” “Love & Life” a teen novella, “The Freak Files Reloaded” an erotic anthology, and he is a 2010 African American Literary Award Nominee for his anthology, “My Boo” in “Romance For The Streets,” Co-author of “Used To Temporary Happiness” and his new novel “Malicious”. “Urban Fantasies” a six part E-Series for Nook and Kindle. Creative Genius Films, “Used To Temporary Happiness” is his debut independent film. He also wrote the screenplay for the short films “No Time For Love” and “Annulment”. He lives in Atlanta, GA.|


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