Consequences and Repercussions Book Review

frontcoverFour Stars-Well done once again E Marie! This book is the continuation of To K(no)w Avail. In Consequences and Repercussions, E Marie continues the story with many of the same characters while introducing us to a few new characters. Kyle and Avail are together in the beginning of the book but are quickly faced with a huge dilemma they weren’t expecting. The story unfolds through the pages leaving the readers wondering how each characters handles the situations they are faced with.

I think E Marie did a wonderful job in laying the story out for her readers. The story is told twice from Avail and Kyle’s perspective giving the readers a glimpse of how each situation affects the characters.

I love how E Marie is teaching the sex until marriage concept throughout this series. It’s a huge factor many people are not into these days. I think the flow of the story was phenomenal. E Marie described her characters well and vividly as if I was walking a long side them throughout the book.

After reading To K(no)w Avail I feel that E Marie started this book right where it left off while giving the readers more plots and storylines to keep the book going. I am eager to see what happens in book three.

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