Business Profile DivaBooksInc

photo (4)Operated solely by Kisha Green, launched in 2006 when Kisha completed her first manuscript, “And Even If I Did” because she wanted control over her work.

DivaBooksInc publishes books and specializes in author promotions. “I also operate a literary website and an online Facebook group, Literary Jewels that is an online resource for aspiring writers interested in self-publishing.” Kisha says. Its hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10am-6pm.

Kisha uses social media to promote her company and services. “I have found that out of all of the social networks, Facebook and Twitter are popular and I obtain a majority of my clients from those sites.”

Kisha works closely with her clients, giving them the services they need for their work. “I initially ask the client what type of promotional services they are seeking and create a promotional package that caters to their needs. Some of my clients know the specific service they want and we go from there as well.”

The future of the company: “Publishing and promoting more books.”

DivaBooksInc is currently not running any sales but she does offer quality service with reasonable rates.

Interested in using her services? Contact Kisha today!

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