Cover Story; From the Pen of Ni’Cola Mitchell

BG (1)Like many authors, Ni’cola wears many hats. She’s a published author, publisher, motivational speaking and literary coach.

PEN’Ashe Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with the author to get to know her and her story. Join me as we get to know the lady behind the pen, Ni’cola Mitchell.

Ni’cola Mitchell felt like an outsider being from Jamaica and growing up in Las Vegas. She started writing when she was nine and used her pen and pad to escape from the realities of the world to create her own little kingdom.  It wasn’t until she was in her mid-twenties that she finally got the nerve to piece together a full manuscript.

Ni’cola writes in the genre of contemporary fiction.  She likes to classify herself with this genre the most because she writes about things that are true to life and take place in modern times. “I love telling stories that can stimulate, entertain, motivate, confuse, and keep you on the edge of your seat all at the same time.  I love writing thought provocative materials that will keep you guessing and gasping throughout the book.” Ni’cola says.

“Over and Over Again was the first title within the Dionni series that I published.  It started off as a dare after I graduated from Under Grad, and then turned into an obsession.  I heard so many horror stories about self-published authors that I did everything in my power to learn up on the industry so that even though I was small, my books could hold their own against any major publisher.” Ni’cola explains when I asked about getting started as an author.

Nicola has done like many authors have done time and time again, the find a profession they love within the literary field and help authors and writers through that avenue. Ni’cola occasionally puts her pen and pad down to get authors on the right track through her company NCM Publishing. “I started to assist authors with self-publishing services because, so many were in awe of how I was able to do it.  Then there were some that were not interested in doing it themselves; this is how I signed my first contract.” Ni’cola currently has thirteen authors under her belt at NCM Publishing. “My goal is to have an outlet for authors to be able to introduce their works to the world.”

Ni’cola is not only an author and publisher but a motivational speaker as well. I asked Ni’cola how she got started in this field, she explains. “I have been through so much in my life such as being molested/raped, a teen parent just to name a few.  I started off speaking to women and girls in homeless shelters and organizations long before I penned my first title.  I want women to be able to look at me and see the hurt, confusion, and anger within themselves, and see that it is possible to be able to channel all that negativity for good.

The literary consultation began because I am constantly being asked, how do I do it.  I came up with a solid blueprint and began doing one on one consulting for authors and independent publishers nationwide.”

Wow. With everything that Nicola has going on, I asked how she juggles her many hats. Laughing, she explains what keeps her moving, “I live off of a calendar!  I had to learn how to distribute assignments to others and concentrate on certain things.  I force myself to write in between being a business owner, blogger, Mom, Sister, Friend, Lover, etc.  I don’t know why I do that to myself, but I do believe that I write my best work under pressure.”

Don’t we all?!

Publicity and marketing are key in this business. I asked Nicola how she markets and promotes not only her work but her business. “I utilize all forms of marketing and publicity.  I am on all social networks. I have a publicist that sends out press releases to all major entities nationwide, and I also send out email blast periodically. I am also a blogger and I write for three Urban Lifestyle Magazines.”

With us being right in the middle of 2014, I asked Ni’cola what her fans can expect from her this year. “Fans can expect three more titles from me. I just released Beautiful Liar, Next is Arm Charm: He’s My Favorite Mistake 2 by myself, and Tamika Newhouse. Next is Pum Pum by me, and finally Defiance of Chance by myself and Q. B. Wells.”

We couldn’t end the interview without getting a little advice from Ni’cola. Authors, take note: “Be strong, become obsessed, and have fun doing what we do.”

It was my pleasure talking with Ni’cola. Find her around the web:


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