Author Spotlight with La Drama Princess

LaDramaPHeadshotWho can remember keeping a diary as a child? Most girls adored their diaries. It was these little prize possessions that got us started in writing. “The first creative writing I ever did, outside of classroom assignments in middle school, was to spite my mother. Let’s just say, that sometimes, a kid has to do what a kid has to do when their mother keeps stealing their diary.” Author La Drama Princess explains.

Her genre of writing is erotica. Like poetry, you have to be able to enjoy it and relate to it in order to read it. Author La Drama Princess explains how this genre relates to her, “I write erotica because I am a sex goddess. Well, that’s what they tell me. I don’t know why, but when people look at me, nine times out of ten they think sex. I said why not, and got into writing erotica after visiting some websites and forums dedicated to sex writing. I could write other genres, but writing in them probably wouldn’t come as easily for me as erotica does and wouldn’t be as exciting to me.”

Most of the stories and scenes in La Drama Princess’s first book came to fruition through a writing challenge she found online. “Chantal Treasure: Christmas Vixen” was originally written in 2007. Funny thing is, it was inspired by a Christmas movie on The Hallmark Channel. Let’s just say, “Chantal” isn’t a whimsical story and leave it at that. “Apartment 3C” was written earlier in 2007. I was challenged by a friend to write that one based on my current, true life experiences.” She explains.

With the rest of that book, she took a seven week scene writing challenge. La Drama Princess shared each scene she wrote every week with friends and people online. “People loved them. All of them said they had never read anything like them before. From that feedback my significant other suggested I put them in a book. I had plans of making it happen, but my will slowed down after a little incident with another author around the circuits at that time. Style stealing is a big no for me.”

In this genre, authors are free to write full-length stories or short stories. I asked La Drama Princess what she preferred when it came to her work. “I used to say that I preferred writing short stories only. I am not so sure about that now. My third book, “Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal with a Multiple Partner Twist”, is a novel. I greatly enjoyed writing that one. I think that readers prefer longer works from me. They tell me that they get caught up in the story and don’t want it to end. I don’t see myself getting into multiple part books, but more novels may be in the cards for me.”

La Drama Princess writes under several different names. I asked her about the names and what each of them stands for, “The woman behind the pen name La Drama Princess is Deidra. I write in different pen names due to changes in subject matter. My main pen name is La Drama Princess. I use it only for straight and lesbian sexual situations. Devon Diamond is for my gay stories and books. And yes, there will be a standalone book published under that name. Strawberry Golden is my pen name for when I’m writing under a special sexual identity. But let’s just be real. I like writing under different pen names because I’m mischievous. I can be whomever I want besides Deidra writing under these pen names. And I love it!”

La Drama Princess says that her most successful pen name is La Drama Princess. She also includes that she plans to write non-fiction in the future and will use a pen name for that as well.

No matter what La Drama Princess publishes, her fans are always eager to read more from her. With very few downs in her writing career, the ups are always when she receives appreciation from her fans. “Something about hearing readers fighting over my books makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.”

But there is one thing that she surprisingly gets as an erotic writer, “What has hurt me most during this journey is hidden racism towards my work because I only feature dark and brown characters. It doesn’t happen often, but it still is shocking, and in some ways it is totally expected. Another aspect of this writing journey that gets me down is the onslaught of leeching users when you open yourself up through publishing. The literary market is over-saturated with people looking to make a quick buck because these days the self-publishing process is so easy. I would advise any new, and seasoned authors to be careful of people approaching them to use their talents up for their own gain, other authors and so-called publishers alike.”

Well said!

Midway through 2014, La Drama Princess has plans. This is what we can expect from her, “Readers can expect me to publish as many books as I can pump out. I have about five, future projects simmering on the low, low. What I don’t put out this year, expect to be published throughout 2015. I have some very unique erotica books in the works. Things you’ve never read before. I put out nothing but fresh content.”

One last piece of advice from the author: “My advice to any author looking to jump into erotica is to check yourself first. No one likes to lay with a dead fish, they don’t want to read any type of erotica from one either. If you are not that sexual, erotica writing might not be for you.

I would also advise authors to know the difference between erotic romance and erotica. Erotica readers want sex, but they want sustenance as well. If you don’t have a fully developed story surrounding the sex, they will be able to tell, and they will hate you for it.”

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