In The Know: Business’ to Kick Start your Literary Career; Black Girlz Productions, LLC

Black Girlz Productions, LLC produces stageplays, children educational DVDs, web based talk shows and a whole lot more. They have been in business for two years.

The company currently employees seven contractors and three staff employees. They are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached at:

“My passion for writing started in high school. From there, I penned my first novel.  In 2012, I took my love of the arts to the next level and started Black Girlz Productions, LLC.” Says owner, Shaneisha Dodson.  “I have a passion for entertaining. One day I came up with an idea to see my words come to life so I wrote my first stageplay, Cheating on my Mistress.”

Currently Black Girlz Production is releasing their first DVD and selling it for $10.

The company has a lot going on for the year of 2014! “We will be holding auditions for our next play and releasing our first issue of Black Girlz Talk which is a quarterly magazine that will showcase African American women in a positive light.”

Contact the company for more information!

Facebook: Black Girlz Productions, LLC


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