On our Bookshelves; Book Review; Deceitful Temptations

FRONT ONLY COVER“Deceitful Temptations”

By: Tiana Hymon

Book Review

Three Stars-Deceitful Temptations is the story of Maurice and Charmaine, a very high profile couple living in a proverbial fishbowl. As evidence of Maurice’s secrets land on their doorstep, the already fragile state of their marriage crumbles in increasing degrees.  Seemingly, unable to get his life in order, Maurice makes one poor choice which opened the door for a number of other choices that have lasting and critical results. Charmaine is no saint.  Her secrets come back to haunt her, costing far more than she ever thought she’d be required to pay.  Like an avalanche, the secrets of their lives reach a fevered peak that tumble down around both of them, affecting everyone who is involved in their lives.

Tiana Hymon has written an interesting story with just the right amount of drama and suspense to keep a reader wanting to know how it all ends.  In spite of the story’s slow start, the storyline ends up being quite compelling.  However, this book has a number of formatting, grammatical, and punctuation issues.  This story needs a good editing.  There are good bones present that with an editing job would make this a novel worth reading.  Right now, in its current state, the most I can give it is 3 stars.

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