On the Cover; The Queen of Street Lit.

wahida_hood picOne of the hottest in the literary game is gracing the pages of PEN’Ashe Magazine. I’m very excited to sit down with Wahida Clark, one that many call the “Queen of Street Literature.”

“When my back was up against the wall, when I discovered that the money was gone, my house, business, vehicles, etc.  When I discovered that it takes money to live in prison and when it hit me that I have to do something in order to walk out of prison with a cushion, I prayed for guidance and was blessed to recognize and act on the guidance when it came. The guidance was to write street fiction.”

The inspiration behind each one of Wahida’s projects depends on the storyline but music plays a big part in her creation. “I will sit in silence while writing or throw on my headphones and push play. I will also turn on Sirius XM and channel flick. But music has always put me in the zone. Depending on the scene dictates what type of music I will listen to.”

Throughout Wahida’s career, she has been named the Queen of Street Literature. Many authors have come before and after yet, she has been named the Queen. I asked Wahida how this title made her feel. She confidently answers: “I feel honored being named the Official Queen and of course, I believe I am the Official Queen. Why I am the Official Queen:

800,000 copies in print

While incarcerated two Major Publishing Deals with two Major Publishing Houses

Upon release, seven titles published and graced just about all the Best Seller Lists

Four Time New York Times Best seller

First Street Lit Author to Penn a Series. It was me who started Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, I’m on Part 7 with my Thug Series

Per Professor Vanessa Irvin Morris of Drexel University School of Library Science’s Readers Guide to Street Literature, “Wahida Clark is the creator of the Thug Love Fiction genre which is a sub-genre of street lit.  She is also the first street lit author to pen a series, thus establishing the trend.”

I have my own Publishing Company with over twenty authors and forty-nine titles in stores throughout the country.

Just launched W. Clark Distribution (wclarkdistribution.zreply.com) to reach back and assist authors and small publishers.

Are there authors that can top me? I would hope so.” She adds, “My past is what made me the successful author that I am.”

Wahida has been through many things throughout her life. I asked her if she knew then what she knows now, what would she have done differently. “Everything. This publishing journey has truly been a learning experience. But one that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Get the full story by downloading our September/October Issue


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