Book Trailer of the Month; Ladies Man 2

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00016]

Synopsis: It’s been almost a year now and Damien and Diamond are a happy couple. He finally has his marketing consulting business off the ground while her upscale salon services nothing but well-to-do clients. Crystal, the woman who initially broke Damien’s heart, would give anything to win back his love. Her thriving medical practice, unlimited income, and elaborate home do not fill the void of her lonely heart. The persistent physician will stop at nothing to convince Damien to give her a second chance. Meanwhile, Damien finds himself in a precarious situation by having to deal with a few notable women from his past. Nicole, who’s still married and miserable, attempts to derail Damien’s love train. The secret she has to share will only convolute matters even more. Katrina, the brash attorney, uses her wits and tries to outsmart Damien. But to her surprise, she may be only fooling herself. And of course, Tameka may finally get to speak her mind and tell Damien what’s really going on. Find out how this explosive sequel plays out when Damien once again deals with deception, lies, and treachery. In the end, he’ll have to decide if giving up being a ladies’ man was well worth it and does love really conquer all.

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