Author of The Twisted Vows Series, N’Tyse; Author Spotlight

ntysepicN’Tyse has been writing since she was in grade school and the passion grew as she got older. “I didn’t decide to pen my first novel until 2006. I was in a real dark place and writing became my outlet. I wanted to step out of my own reality. In doing so, I penned My Secrets Your Lies.

I decided to go the self-publishing route after tons of research. I also reached out to several authors and literary professionals who shared their experiences and gave me sound advice. I will never forget them. Miasha, Torrian Ferguson, Dawn Hardy, and Ella Rodgers, just to name a few.” N’Tyse explains when asked about the production of her first book.

With every first book, there comes obstacles and stumbles. N’Tyse explains what she went through to produce her first book. “Actually, I feel I had a pretty smooth ride compared to some of the horror stories I’ve heard from other authors. However, I can recall two major scenarios that stick out. The first editor I hired to edit my project told me after almost a month of working on it, that she couldn’t finish it due to her religion. That was one obstacle I immediately overcame. The second was my traditional printer filed bankruptcy right smack in the middle of my second print run. I had already paid them of course, so this chick was NOT a happy camper.”

N’tyse created the Twisted Vows Series, which is a very hot series. She explains how this series came about and how she hooked up with Zane. “Twisted Vows is the second installment in the Twisted series. It begins with a woman named Denise, who orchestrates her husband’s affair with her best friend, Nadine. Of course she has her ulterior motives but there are so many twists that not even she could have saw them coming. In part 2, the drama continues and the fire is blazing. I introduce a character who plays the role of a dead mistress. It’s enticing, twisted, and downright scandalous. The idea itself was inspired by a close relative. I decided to explore the mentalities of women who are okay with being the other woman. All the other twisted elements were just me having fun. I do however incorporate several messages that I feel readers will pick up on throughout the story.”

“I connected with Zane back in 2009 when she put out a call for Purple Panties. I made the first cut but she couldn’t reach me via email so my story Caramel Latte was included in PP2 (Missionary No More). We connected again in 2010. I reached out to her on Facebook and asked her if I could send her my latest novel, Twisted Seduction. She said yes and it’s been on and popping from that point on.”

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