Affectionately 360 Book Review

Affectionately 360 Cover


Review by Tumika Cain

Three Stars: Affectionately 360 is a collection of heartfelt poetry written in limerick form.  Through the author’s words, she expresses the sincerity of thoughts and feelings she’s had about people and circumstances.  K.S. Oliver gives the reader a glimpse into her life and all she holds dear through verse.  Delving into topics ranging from the love of siblings to the love between a man and a woman to betrayal and heartbreak, she writes about it all.  Those who like rhyming poetry are sure to find something within the pages of Affectionately 360 that appeals to their senses, taste and personal experiences.

Although the topics were ones we all can relate to, I am not overly fond of poetry written in this style.  There were times when the poet seemed to be searching for a word to fill the space that rhymed with the passage where the word chosen didn’t make any sense or could have best been described using a different word.  All in all it was an okay read.

Synopsis: Friends and family helped shape the concept of Affectionately 360: A reflection of confidants. It is the ink that details the rhymes of reason behind the mystery of love. Consider it: Who knows where love will eventually lead those willing to bet against the odds? When was the last time you flirted with love’s infinite possibilities? Have you ever been a fool in love? Our relationships are the scales that weigh life’s most defining moments. Through these pages your emotions are invited to travel the ups and downs of love at its best even when it feels like the worse. It is the purest example of the mightiest emotion. Remember to always trust God and walk by faith with no GPS. Follow his path blindfolded and allow yourself to embrace the love destined for you. Welcome to the journey of Affectionately 360.

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