Book Review; My Life. My Rules

my-life-my-rules- cover

Review by Tumika Cain

Five Star Review: Selena Rivera is a Haitian born immigrant living in the United States, who has fought insurmountable odds to make a way for herself.  Married to a loving, supportive husband, mother to a rambunctious two year old and a best-selling author, Selena is living the American dream. Then trouble strikes as issues from her past come around, seeking to rock her entire world.

Always one to depend solely on herself until issues hit the fan, Selena struggles to keep a careful balance in her life; juggling family, needy friends and an unexpected catastrophe while she deals with her own issues – not knowing if her life would be turned completely upside down because of it.  Continuing on her spiritual journey of enlightenment, she has a first-hand chance to put all of the things she has learned into practice as she is tried time and again. When it all boils down, she learns some valuable lessons about herself and those who are in her life.

Luna is a great story teller and 5-star writer, without question.  Her characters are like real people with relatable issues and flaws, even while being decent people who are finding their own way.  Luna has tremendous talent as a writer and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Happy to give My Rules, My Life 5 stars!

Synopsis: During the happiest time of her life, Selene’s past returns to haunt her.  She made some mistakes in her youth, but paid the price and spent seven years toeing the line and working hard to accomplish her goals when others would have given up.  Finally, she has everything she had ever wanted, a magical life with the perfect husband, adorable daughter, and successful career. All achieved by consciously developing her higher self and following the laws of the Universe.

Then one day an unexpected letter arrives–one that jeopardizes everything she has worked so hard to achieve, and which has the power to destroy it all.

Deportation. The United States plans to forcibly remove her from her family, her friends and her way of life.  Numb with shock and grief, she struggles to apply the principles of faith that have stood her in good stead over the years. Even though this problem seems implacable and insurmountable, she finds she is not alone.

Follow Selene’s gut-wrenching ordeal as she faces the heartache and devastation that millions of immigrants and their families suffer every year.

Purchase your copy today!




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