New Release; Stuck on Pause

upnext stuckStuck On Pause

By: Tanya Robinson


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The title will be available on Kobo, iTunes, Nook, Kindle and Sony eReader at $3.99

Synopsis: Ray is the ultimate man; Trina thinks she’s the perfect woman. A chance meeting puts Trina face to face with Ray when the power goes out in her building. The chase was on; they began a whirlwind love affair. Commitment issues usually sent previous suitors away. What could possibly go wrong? Just cause it’s good to doesn’t mean it good for you, or is it.

Trina didn’t want or need the distraction of a man in her life; she was focused on her career.

Her friends tell her you can’t run from Love when that GPS is locked on you. Ray’s declaration of truth makes Trina question their relationship. There’s nothing like a little Pride, Love, Lies, and Betrayal to stir up the pot. Trina heads to the west coast for a job opportunity and meets Mr. Taller than me, a basketball player for the Lakers. A sequence of events sets in motion the ultimate betrayal.  Will both of their egos keep them apart, can she forgive or will she look in tall handsome basketball players’ direction.

Trina and Ray obviously love one another, but can they or should they live without one another is ultimately the question that is eventually going to be asked. Stuck On Pause is a funny, entertaining story about knowing when it’s time to cut that cord and keep it moving.


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