Book Review; Midnight Creeping; Early Morning Reaping

new coverReview By: Tumika Cain

Three Star Review: Midnight Creeping by Melissa Diane Hudson is the story of Gaylin and Gail Harris.  Gaylin is a mean, ambitious, disrespectful, whoremonger who, unbeknownst to Gail, takes her virginity on a bet, resulting in a teenage pregnancy.  Despite vehement protests from her family and his, the young couple marries.  Gail, ever hopeful that Gaylin will turn into the man of her dreams, stays in a loveless marriage and deals with his abuse and womanizing.  Her life changes for the worse after an untimely accident leaves her paralyzed.  Gaylin, still unsupportive, offers little help as she is relegated to the house and what little life she had has been stripped away.

Gaylin continues on with his wicked ways until his actions bring about dire consequences, as Gail struggles to make sense of her reality and put her life back in order.  Melissa Diane Hudson tries to bring a Christian message of monogamy, sincerity, abstinence until marriage to encourage readers to think about the actions they take, knowing that for every action, there is a consequence  – whether good or bad.

Although Melissa really tries to bring powerful messages of forgiveness, faith, love and commitment to God, the story just doesn’t flow.  The dialogue is unrealistic.  In her attempts to not use profanity, the characters ended up sounding cheesy and uneducated.  While I can appreciate the message she is trying to convey, I must say the story is not written well.  3 stars.

Synopsis: “A man reaps what he sows”….Galatians 6:7.

Gaylin Harris may think that he is a playa, but he’s nothing more than a trifling, mean spirited, conniving womanizer that likes to play mind games. His loyal, faithful, and paralyzed wife Gail, knows that he is scandalous, but because she is a Christian, she believes in standing by her man. She remains loyal to him, even after he starts to sex other women in their home while she sleeps next door confide to a wheelchair. But then he meets the beautiful and sexy Loretta and his world is turned upside down.

Loretta Cox is haunted by the passion that burgeons her soul, and she starts anew and leaves her past behind until she meets Gaylin Harris: a constant reminder of what she left behind. Loretta is dangerously attractive, and if any man takes a sip of her, he will surely reap what he sowed. She is a quiet church girl. But outside of church, there’s a whole new side to her. A side no one suspects that rests hidden inside of her brown leather suitcase.

Midnight Creeping, Early Morning Reaping, sounds a call to all cheaters that what they do in the dark, may not bring them back to the light.

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