Author Spotlight; Quanie Miller

Quanie Miller Picture“I was encouraged by a lot of my teachers to pursue writing as a career. As a result of that I studied creative writing at both the undergraduate and graduate level.” Quanie Miller says. She loves entertaining people with the things that she writes. “Writing dialogue that makes people laugh or having characters do things that shock people is truly enjoyable.”

Quanie writes in many different genres comedy, paranormal, southern fiction. She begins the interview explaining how she got started with her first book.  “With my first book, I was actually trying to write a paranormal novel but this funny voice took over and I just ran with it. That novel, It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy, is available as an ebook on Amazon. I actually ended up writing the paranormal novel. It’s called The New Mrs. Collins and will be available as an ebook and paperback later this year. I write humor because it comes naturally to me and I love making people laugh. I write paranormal because I like strange stuff; stuff that can’t be explained by science. That way I get to do whatever I want in my novels. I also read a lot of R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike growing up, so I’m influenced by that as well.”

Read the full interview by downloading our latest issue!


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