Hot E-Books to Download; Zeno


By: Corey Jaye

Zeno is an All American quarterback. Everybody wants him, both on the field and off. Fresh off a big homecoming game that had Florida State University in the stands, he was ready to party, and party he did.

Maxie runs the South Atlanta streets. Nothing moves unless he says so. The streets of Atlanta compare him to Nino Brown as it relates to his influence. Trusting people in this business can get you pinched killed, so Maxie has kept his inner circle tight. It has served him well up until this point.

A one night stand at the party ends with Zeno getting a girl pregnant. This is devastating news to him. Does he accept the football scholarship offer from Florida State or stay home and get a job to help raise his child? An injury in an all-star game in which he hurts his knee badly puts his football career in serious jeopardy.  One night, he makes a run with his cousin where he meets up with Maxie and his life is changed forever.

Zeno is a story of a boy who grows into a man with the streets serving as a surrogate parent, while teaching him one lesson after another. Zeno is a realistic peek into the streets and how decisions always have consequences. Who do you trust? What do you believe in? And most important, what are you willing to do to get it?

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