The Author’s Lounge; Tiana Nicole

BIO PIC“There is absolutely no rush in becoming published. What’s for you will be for you”-Tiana Nicole

Twenty nine year Tiana Nicole has been inspired to write since she was thirteen years old and officially started to develop a writing career in 2010. She joins us this month in the Author’s Corner as our Author Feature.

“I’m a wife and mother of three awesome children. I was raised by my grandmother in a housing project on the south side of Chicago. Because of my environment I’d like to think I’ve come a far cry from a life that could have very well taken a turn down the wrong path, however I chose the door to a better destiny. The door to destiny lead me down the path of writing. I was a troubled teen whom needed to find a better outlet to deal with my aggression. My outlet was to focus on and education. I overcame many triumphs by proceeding to achieve an Associate degree in Business Administration, A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and my finest accomplishment a Master’s in Business Administration.

I love writing life’s wrongs. The things I write about are the things we as people are afraid to speak about. My passion for the pen is having the heightened awareness of being able to help someone. We’re never aware as of what someone is going through. You’d be surprised as to how words can affect the lives of someone else. The pen is a powerful outlet for not only readers, but also for Authors.

Read the full interview here! 


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