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WNL“I saw that there was a need to promote books especially those of the Christian faith.  WNL does not only promote authors of Christian faith we look at each book and decide if it’s something we feel we’d endorse. Even if the book is not a Christian faith we will accept books that are considered clean reads and those that are not loaded with cussing or explicit sex. Our guidelines are listed on our website:

WNL has been in business for a little over four years. “We have seen a tremendous increase of clients every year which only means more books have been published and more authors have found our services needed. Most of our clients are referrals.

WNL provides Virtual book tours, Facebook Chats, book blast, cover reveals, coaching and radio tours.

“By being another channel that offers book promotions, we have been able to introduce our clients to more readers and by helping our clients build their author platform and brand. Our clients have seen a spike in sales, SEO stats and even some have been on Amazon’s best seller list. Readers want books but not just any book, they want quality and that’s what we provide to the ever growing reading community.”

Read the full profile here!


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