On the Cover; Voted Favorite Book of the Year; Hood Love

November December Cover 2014You voted! And you picked your favorite book of the year. With 90 votes total, Hood Love has been named PEN’Ashe’s Favorite Book of the Year.

Meet the Author:

Leondra LeRae grew up in Providence, RI. She has six siblings; three brothers and three sisters. She has dreams of becoming an OBGYN but enjoys writing in her free time. At 19, she self-published her first urban fiction novel.

At 20 years old, Leondra signed to SBR Publications where she released National Best Seller; Official Street Queen.

Other work by Leondra LeRae includes

Hood Love
Hood Love 2
Hood Love 3
Don Divas
Official Street Queen
Official Street Queen 2

Main Bitch Dreams, Side Bitch Status

Main Bitch Dreams, Side Bitch Status 2

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Instagram: leo_xo

About the Book:

Jonnae is tired, tired of her trifling dude Chink & tired of her chaotic home life. The chance meeting of Capo turns things from upside down to good all around. Take a ride with Jonnae as she realizes your first love isn’t always real love & that hood love can be a good love.

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Congratulations to Leondra LeRae!!




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