Book Review; Frienemies

Four Star Review

By: Tumika Cain

Frienemies WEBFrienemies by Janie De Coster is a story about friendship, family, relationships and love.  Natasha and Sloan have been best friends since elementary school.  With a relationship so close, the significant others in each of their lives sometimes struggle to understand their bond.  After yet another failed attempt at love for both of them, they decide to take some time off and not jump into another meaningless relationship.  That is until two new hires at work show up and turn their worlds upside down.  With the attractions high between Sloan and Essence and also between Natasha and Derrick, the friends find themselves having to choose whether they would remain steadfast to their prior convictions or dive head first into the tantalizing individuals determined to make a love connection.  When two people are as close as Sloan and Natasha are, they know what works in the relationship department for their friend.  They also know what doesn’t work.  Each tries to warn the other of potential downfalls of the new mate, although their objections fall on deaf ears. Instead of seeing the warnings through the eyes of years of friendship, they instead think the complaints are meant to control the life of the other person and are promptly dismissed.

But Essence and Derrick are more than just attractive, intelligent people – they also have deep secrets and hidden agendas.  For the first time in all their years of friendship, Sloan and Natasha find their relationship being torn apart by the possessiveness and envy of their new mates.  As those who know them most see more going on than what’s obvious, both Sloan and Natasha are getting advice to search deeper within to see what really lurks in their hearts.  Layers of truth unfold as more deception surfaces.  Things are just not as they appear to be.  Will the truth be revealed before innocent lives are altered forever or will the lies all around them consume the lives and relationships of the so called network of “friends?”

Janie De Coster has written an engaging story with great flow, believable characters and enough intrigue and drama to keep a reader turning pages. The book is written with minimal profanity.  Well-developed characters make it easy to connect with them – giving the reader a glimpse into every emotion the characters experienced.  The one unsatisfactory element of the story was the abrupt end.  In order to find out how everything ends, readers will have to wait until the next book.

About the book

Natasha is a successful young woman who works for one of Atlanta’s most prosperous marketing firms. Emerson & Stuckey. Sloan Stevens is an ambitious young man working his way up the corporate ladder in the same firm. Friend since third grad, Natasha and Sloan contend that they’re just friends, although the people closest to them suspect that they secretly harbor feelings for each other that run deeper than mere friendship. They are determined to prove that their suspicions are false by finding true love of their own.

After leaving a string of unsuccessful relationships in their wake, the opportunity for true love for each of them presents itself in the form of two new coworkers. Essence Kirkland and Derrick Perkins. But when Essence and Derrick turn up the heat in each of the relationships, things threaten to boil over and turn true friends into enemies.

Will the pursuit of happiness be a recipe for true love between friends, or a poisoned dish that will cost one of them their very life?

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