Get to Know Author Kenni York

DSC02164Kenni York, author of “The Girls”

PM: How long have you been a published author?

KY: Since 2008 (6 years)

PM: What is your motivation behind the pen?

KY: I like to inspire, entertain, and educate through my writing. Each story line is designed to make the reader THINK.

PM: Describe your writing process.

KY:  I always create an outline so I know exactly how my story will begin and end. From there, when the feeling strikes me, I sit and write following my outline.

PM: Are you a full-time Author? If not, what struggles keep you from doing your craft full-time?

KY: Currently, I am a full time author. I also operate a small literary firm in which we offer editing, ghost writing, copy-editing, and freelance articles.

PM: Tell us how you came into the storyline of your latest book.

KY: The Girls is based off of the lives of me and some of my old friends from my college years. It covers some of the ups and downs we experienced together and individually.

PM: What character(s) can you relate to the most?

KY: I usually never tell which character is based on me but it is Jada: the friend that serves as the ‘glue’ that holds the group together. Every friendship circle has that one person that is like the ‘mother’ of the group…that one person that advises everyone and is everyone’s sounding board.

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