Cover Story; Tushonda Whitaker

Tu-ShondaPEN’Ashe Magazine is excited this month because we have the opportunity to interview author Tushonda Whitaker. She is a best-selling author that many have grown to love and follow. Join us this issue as we sit down with Tushonda Whitaker.

Tushonda has been writing since she was nine years old. “My earliest memories were having a Smurf notebook and I would rewrite my favorite television shows. I would then change the endings to what I wanted them to be. I also wrote a lot in college. I always wanted to be published on a large scale but was never really sure how to achieve it.

However, on my 30th birthday I decided I no longer wanted to delay my dream and I knew I had to take a chance. So one day while sitting at a red light I prayed, and prayed, and prayed…until the cars behind me laid on their horns.” She laughs at the story. “After I prayed until I was seeing double and had held up traffic, I was determined to finish my book. After I finished it, I mailed it a publisher and the rest is literary history.”

Tushonda’s first book was published with a small publisher. She submitted “Flipside of the Game” and a few weeks later she was offered a book deal. “At that time it was one of the greatest feelings in the world!” She tells us.

Tushonda recently released the third book in the Millionaire Wives Club calling it Rich Girl Problems. Her motivation behind this best-selling series is the reality show Real House Wives of Atlanta. Tushonda tells us how this series came about, “After watching RHOA the first season, I absolutely didn’t have enough of it, wanted more, and decided to write a few episodes via my own novels.” The series is definitely hot. It has the exact flow of a reality show and could go on for many books to come.

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