On our Bookshelves; Wounded

Wounded Official coverReview by: Daryia Dinkins

Five Star Review: Samantha Miller had anything but an easy start in life, sexually molested by men to feed her mother’s drug habit. The trauma turned her against all men and subsequently caused her to go from one lot of trouble to the next. Ending up in jail she is taken under the protection of a woman named Cheryl, who shows her that not everyone is out to hurt her and that being able to care for another person is possible. But even Cheryl in Samantha’s eyes hurts her. When Samantha is nearing her release date, Cheryl tells her that she used her to pass the time. Hurt and confused even further, she throws herself into a job as a stripper and becomes a sexual predator, hunting for women she feels can be turned from loving men. Samantha meet Sasha, a gorgeous woman that has been hired as a bartender in the club where she strips. At first Samantha sees her as nothing more than another target, but once she get to know her things change for Samantha. Once she realises Sasha wants nothing from her other than to be her friend and help her better her life. Samantha starts to wonder could the feelings she has for Sasha be love? There are so many things that Samantha doubts because she has never had a person care for her and want to help her the way that Sasha does. Could this be the new start for Samantha or will the ghosts from her past get in the way of her finding happiness?

Wounded is another great offering from author Ben Burgess Jr, it makes you really delve into the very essence of what makes us the way we are as people. He does not sugar coat his portray of this damaged woman. There are many people in this world that would have gone through what Samantha has been through and he captures the very essence of the struggles she faced as a child and still faces in her adult life.

In the beginning of the story I had a feeling I would not like Samantha’s character but as the story evolves I found myself wondering what would I do in her position. Would I accept the help that Sasha was offering me or would I throw it all away and continue on a path of self destruction. In the last few chapters I was in tears as the emotional journey Samantha is on took a sudden and unexpected turn.

If you enjoy stories that make you delve into yourself and, make you think of what could be if you were in the characters situation. This is definitely a book worth taking the time to read.

Warning : contains explicit sexual descriptions.

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