On our Bookshelves; The New Mrs. Collins

collins_promoReview by Daryia Dinkins

Five Star Review “The New Mrs. Collins” is paranormal with a touch of warm, southern humor. The language and town Miller built enabled me to escape into her mind and live through the eyes and ears of the characters. Phrases such as, “rushed into Sweet Time for a blueberry muffin and a side of gossip” and “Well, Leena? Give us the tea, honey!” made me smile because they reminded me of scenes from Steel Magnolias. I felt right at home.

One of my favorite lines which made me almost cough up my snack was when Leena is talking to her ex-fiancé, Johnny, about their shared property, Culvers Landing. It was originally given to Johnny but put into Leena’s name. When he confronted her about having Leena sell it back to him, she only offered it for double the price. She referred to her new selling price as, “Eat shit, mother *bleeper* tax.” I was laughing out loud!

Now don’t let the humor steal anything away from the paranormal entity this novel possessed. This feeling brought about an interest and suspense so intriguing, I couldn’t help but to keep the pages turning. There were moments so chilling, they made the hairs on my arms stand up. It really does make you think about supernatural powers and southern paranormal.

I also loved the characters of this book. Leena, the heroine, it totally relatable. I would have done all of the same things she had done when Johnny left her. I also admired how she grew throughout the book, especially when she actually held her own when Johnny sought her out after discovering his new wife’s abortion.

Johnny’s new wife and the villain, Adira, was my favorite character, though. The author makes you hate Adira in the beginning. However, once you learn about her past, you can’t help but to feel sorry for her. I love it when an author surprises you with all of the various elements a character is capable of having and she surely delivered some memorable ones here. I started to really root for Adira when the author flashed back to the day she saved her best friend Nathan after he died from getting hit by a car.

The eeriness was addictive and I loved the imagery when Adira’s powers were entering Leena’s thoughts while harming her physical health. It was really spooky. The following phrase scared the heck out of me… “Spook on my back, Blood in my eye, Waitin’ for the day when that ol’ bitch die, Got me a blade, right by my side, Cut off her head, bitch still won’t die.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for a real thrill and some light, southern humor. I can’t wait to see what Miller has in store for us next!

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