Business Feature; Vision House Publishing DBA The Urban Oasis

Vision House Publishing DBA the Urban Oasis was established in 2009, and their book store opened in early 2014. They provide multi-services through their publishing company such as typing, copy-editing, manuscript formatting and book distribution.  They also have a retail store that sales urban books, designer oils and other urban novelties.  The store is a host to many poetry events, open mic nights and author book signings.

Authors can contact the company via their web store location  or call 410-742-4857 for their retail location.

“We will direct sell and purchase your published books or enter into a consignment agreement continuing to carry your book line as it is released.”

Company goals: “VHP, The Urban Oasis is planning to expand its retail location and offer larger publishing and marketing options to authors.  We will also grow our recently launched film production division and release other movies into the film industry.”

Literary Advice from the Owner: Perseverance, planning and proper action.  Make them your business guidelines.  It’s an undertaking to own and operate your business but this is not rocket science and success can happen.  Try to remain proactive and protect your investment at all times.  Your business will tell you what is needed and you have to have enough knowledge and options to address your business needs which means you contact the experts.  It’s clear if you are driving a car and the gas light comes on you will go to a gas station; follow this same mind set when you have a business need or a specific goal to reach.


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