Coming Soon; “An Eagle Eye with a Lion’s Heart”

IMG_0006Synopsis: “This is probably a strange question to most people, and if you look at it from a distance, they don’t have much in common with one another. In fact, some may say “eagles don’t have anything comparable with entrepreneurs/business owners” or “What are you talking about?” But if you look deep beneath the surface, they have many similarities, despite the obvious difference. What is one thing that all of us aspire to have? Freedom, regardless if it’s spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or financial, we all want the ability to do what we want, when we want, how we want etc. The ability to travel anywhere in the world with whomever we choose and not worry about how much it will cost. This is why many go out and buy journals or diaries, because you can’t say how you feel on a job. Rules are necessary, technically, but it’s the temptation to break them that drives us. Have you ever wanted to just walk off of your job because you didn’t like what someone said? Or how your boss spoke to you? You are remembered for the rules you break, not the rules you follow. For example, If you are the best student in school and get straight A’s, everyone loves you and respects you for it, but once you get your first failing grade, they hang onto that moment, almost as if it was a key moment in history ” From my upcoming book, An eagle eye with a lions heart.

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