On our Bookshelves; 70 x7: The Road to Forgiveness

70x7_final_coverReview by: Tumika Cain

70×7: The Road to Forgiveness by D.A. Kelley

Four Star Review: Maxine is a Christian woman who is mature in her faith.  She loves the Lord and truly seeks to please him with her life; in thoughts, actions and deeds. Not one to play games, Maxine is about her business: a professional by day and ministry leader all the rest of the time.  Life is looking pretty good as she has a job she loves, has risen through the church’s ranks and has a fiancé who adores her.  But all is not as it appears.

Claude is the son of a pastor who is next in line to take over his father’s church. Attractive, charismatic, and truly kindhearted, Claude is just that guy. Women can’t get enough of him. But he has eyes for one woman only, his fiancé Maxine. Claude is not the man who talks one thing from the pulpit, then lives life on the edge outside of the church.  He says what he means, means what he says and does his best to be the man he knows he was created (and groomed) to be.  But all is not as it appears.

Geneva is the emotionally scarred and vindictive longtime friend of Claude’s.  They’ve been through a lifetime of situations together.  But there are things about her that he doesn’t know.  Like the fact she has singlehandedly run away every potential mate who has come into his life.  He sees it as her just ‘looking out’ for him.  Her plan is sinister, dark, and calculating to destroy his life and everyone attached to him if she can’t have him for herself.

Geneva’s presence in Claude’s life creates much unnecessary friction between he and Maxine. Maxine sees clearly what’s going on, but Claude thinks she’s just being hypersensitive and continues to blow her off, but not before railing on her every time Geneva brings to his attention some infraction Maxine supposedly committed. But things are just not what they seem. Decisions have to be made, loyalties have to be tested and the truth needs to be revealed before everything this happy couple has worked for comes crashing down around them.

70 x 7 by D.A. Kelley is a very well-written novel in the Christian fiction genre. She challenges readers to raise the bar and really ask themselves can they live out God’s word…even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances.  For those who have been immersed in the Christian culture, these characters (minor and major) are completely relatable, so is the mischief that wreaks havoc through persons like Geneva who choose to allow themselves to be instruments used for other’s destruction. Although the author used many passages of scripture, it was done in a most tasteful way. The tone of the book reads well, wasn’t judgmental or preachy and could appeal to many audiences, even non-Christian readers.

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