Interview with Amanda Kay

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Sharmin Turner: Why did you start to write?

Amanda Kay: I have always written. It started as mostly poetry in my High School and College Days, but then after I got married and my husband was away for work I decided to see if i could write a book that was 2009. In 2013 while getting ready to move I had a lot of ideas swirling in my head and decided I needed to give writing a fair chance and try to make a career of it,

ST: When did you start to write?

AK: 2009 and then 2013

ST: What kind of books do you write and why?

AK: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance. I write this genre because it has always come the easiest for me and because I love romance. Also the Paranormal/Fantasy aspects gives me endless story line options

ST: What is the name of the company you publish your books under?

AK: Kingsnake Publishing it is a company I created and then I partnered with an author friend of mine Angela Fattig.

ST: You are CEO of Kingsnake Publishing why and when did you start your own publishing company?

AK: I started the company in October 2014. It was just supposed to be an imprint for my books, but I know the indie market is growing and a lot of authors are unsure of how to get started, so I decided to branch out and make it a true indie publishing house.

ST: Tell me more about Kingsnake Publishing and the author’s and the direction of this company.

AK: We take everything except children’s books, there have been so submissions that haven’t been for us though. The direction is to help authors achieve their dreams. Our Motto is: Authors Charming Readers Everywhere. Which is my goal for the company that readers get excited about one of our releases.

ST: Do each of these authors have a Facebook page list them all if you can?

AK: Yes they do, (I don’t have them all handy) but you can see all our authors on as well as their books links.

ST: Are you looking to add more author’s if so please provide that information?

AK: Yes we are always looking. All submission guidelines can be found on our website or Facebook Page.

ST: Do you have any advice for aspiring author’s out there and also how to find a good publishing company?

AK: Be yourself. You won’t please everyone but if you love what you are writing others will too.

A good company won’t ask for money upfront for things like editing and cover design. Do you research and ask questions if something confuses you or bothers you.

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