Spring/Sumer Author Campaign: Get to know…Miss Radiance

IMG_1692Miss Radiance was born on May 31, 1982 in Wilson North Carolina. She grew up in the small town Stantonsburg, North Carolina. She was raised by her grandmother, Josephine Jacob Johnson. Because of her shyness, the things that she wanted to express but could not say seemed to come out easier on paper. And when she was eleven years old her grandmother bought her a diary as a Christmas gift. Which Miss Radiance soon realized that not only was writing fun, it was also therapeutic, and there was power in putting a pen to paper. Miss Radiance immediately fell in love with the passion of being able to creatively express herself. Her writing started out simple with diary entries and poetry. When she got to high school and became involved in relationships, drama, sex, all the trials teenagers go through, she began recording these events in the form of short stories, pulling inspiration from friends and classmates, along with her own personal experiences which brought her stories to life.

After the passing of her grandmother on December 3, 1999, Miss Radiance started writing more and more, sometimes all day, writing was her outlet from the pain she constantly felt as she tried to adjust to life without her grandmother. Shortly after the passing of her grandmother she moved to Washington, DC with her mother. That was a new experience for Miss Radiance, coming from the small town she was raised in, she’d never seen the city life outside of the violence shown on TV. This new transition introduced her to things she never would’ve imagined happening in real life. Not long after being there she met and fell in love with a guy who was into everything she’d always tried to stay away from. Her relationship with him, his lifestyle, and her transition from country girl to city girl is what inspired her first novel Gangsta Lovin’ Volume One: An Epic Love Story.

Miss Radiance started out as a self-published author pushing her work with the help of amazon.com, Createspace, and Kindle Direct Publishing. She did this for two years until finally G Street Chronicles, CEO and owner George Sherman Hudson signed her to deal that would put her writing career on a whole other path, a call that would change her life. She is now the newest member of the G Street Chronicles family and is currently working on releasing her second book of the Gangsta Lovin’ series. She is also working on other books and ideas as well.

If Miss Radiance could choose one thing to do for the rest of her life, writing would definitely be it. When you have something that you love and it completes you, like writing does for Miss Radiance there’s nothing that can compare to that type of joy and happiness. Although she is very shy and still at times struggles with expressing herself verbally, something magical happens when she puts her pen to paper. Everything she wants to say and everything she feels oozes out. Miss Radiance is a single mother to a daughter by the name of Ashaunti Jayde Taylor, who is the light of her world, her ultimate pride and joy. Miss Radiance doesn’t write to become rich, (although that would be a true blessing). Miss Radiance writes because of the love and passion she has for her craft, her main purpose is to entertain, take away stress and anxiety, or just brighten up someone else’s day with her characters and the stories they tell. Please join Miss Radiance on her journey and enjoy the many blessings as they unfold.

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