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Nicole Teresa-black & white 01With Nicole Harmon: Blogs can be about any topic that head off in any given direction. Specifically, a blog is a collection of words that showcases a particular interest or a variety of topics that you the author choose. You can write about interviews, current events, politics, writing, music, school or makeup. You choose the topic. My understanding is that you are reading this blog because you too would like to start and create your own blog. So what I would like to give you is a little bit of help, advice and cheat sheets that help you make your blog everything you want it to be.

I have read extensively on what makes a good blog. I have taken seminars and had conversations. But all of that is just like icing on the cake. The actual recipe is what you bring to it. The name of your blog is what brings interest to the unsuspecting reader. So let us start with that.


First and foremost do your research. See what else is out there in terms of what you wish to do. What you like to see and what you like to read. This doesn’t mean that you are copying someone else’s work although you will do that at times. But what it means is that you have to be aware of what others are doing. The reason- you will commit copyright fraud or copyright infringement otherwise. It can also affect your blog title. I have seen online actual blogs suspended indefinitely because of this. Others have been taken down because of this. So do your research. Make sure your blog name is unique to you.

I said to you to do your research so that your work is unblemished- well now say you have a title. And your blog title is MY LIFE AS AN AUTHOR. Are you done? No you aren’t done. Now here comes the hard work although it doesn’t seem like it. After you have your name you must also find a good time to blog.

You can think of this prior to starting your blog but it becomes more apparent the need for this once you start. Picking the best time to blog for you is when your mind is free to create what you wish the reader to see or what they read. It also allows you a time to be by yourself if you choose or not.

Your blog title is MY LIFE AS AN AUTHOR and you have picked early mornings on Saturdays to blog. Why? Let us check your schedule. Possibly for you, it is not a work day; you have no family to worry about until later and you do not plan anything before the afternoon. You can leisurely get up, make a cup of coffee (I like to do that) slowly drink it, read the newspaper or watch the news and acclimate yourself to the day. Then you get to writing. Or you can get right to it.   Check out next week’s blog entry on your first post where I will get more into scheduling; finding your writing pace and finding your voice-all wrapped up in YOUR FIRST POST.   I hope to see you back here next week reading with comments.

If you wish to review some good blogs for ideas here are a couple:

http://overeducatednympho.blogspot.com/   personal experiences

http://blackgirlnerds.com/   for the black girl who is a nerd and thinks she doesn’t fit in

http://thesaucywenchesbookclub.blogspot.com/   a book review blog

Next month: Your First Post


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  1. teribelle says:

    It looks nice. My first column. Thanks!

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