Poet Passion with Marcus Page

DREAMS OF ECSTASYreceived_10203400986575018

By: Marcus Page

To dream a dream with you in mind

with red roses and glasses of wine

Could you be my ecstasy in the flesh

You look like a goddess in a dress

No one compares to you

Your smile is like the dawn of a Sun

A rising Sun that never sets

Like flowers in bloom

Like the light beaming from a full Moon

I died upon wind strings and was reborn within your arms

You carry my life with every breath you take

You determine my destiny with every move you make

Thought’s of you dancing on the horizons of my mind

searching for the truth but my love for you is blind

I want to know the thought’s that runs through your mind

as I gaze into your eyes and you gaze into mine

A new day has come

Let our minds intertwined and become as one

As one under the sun that baths your body

I’m struggling to refrain myself from melting in your arms

and you say that being in love could do me no harm

yet I find myself missing you every time your not here

wanting, pinning, wishing you were near

Dying to need you

I’m trying to please you and drowning in a sea of depression

With you in my life it’s much like a blessing

but without your presence I’m surely stressing

I want to know you deeper than the eyes can see

I want to know if your my soul mate

If your my ecstasy


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