Spring/Summer Author’s Campaign: Get to Know TJ Rose

penasheTJ Rose is a former military brat, having called several places home during her first few years. Struggling to cope with her difficult home life, she turned to writing as an escape and as a means to give voice to her dismal thoughts and feelings during trying times. TJ Rose’s first written “piece” was a poem about death, written in the 6th grade. It was at that moment, beaming with pride at her teacher’s accolades, that she realized she had stumbled upon a hidden talent. Through the years, writing continued to serve as a release of sorts for her, allowing her to bring order to the ever-present chaos that routinely crowded her brain. Many years and during her graduate studies, she reignited the passion for her craft. Her claim to fame thus far is being featured as an occasional writer for the Office with a View column in Sister 2 Sister magazine-it was at this moment that she realized she really had the power to captivate others with her words.

Through her writing, TJ hopes to touch lives through, viewing this as her small contribution to making life on this rock we call Earth a little more functional-or at least an enjoyable form of dysfuncton. She also has ambitions of launching her own publishing house in the near future.

A native of the Tidewater region of Virginia, TJ Rose currently resides in the Southwestern U.S. with her family, where she is busy at work on the next installment of her debut novel series, I Should Have Cheated.


Contact Information

Pen Name: TJ Rose

Email: info@tjrose.com

Twitter: @TJRose_author

Instagram: tjrose_author

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authortj.rose

Blog: https://lovingheroutloud.wordpress.com/

Website: www.authortjrose.com

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