Spring/Summer Author’s Campaign; TJ Rose Interview

  1. penasheHow long have you been a published author? This will be my first published book.
  1. How did you get started in writing? I started writing roughly at the age of 10 as a way to constructively deal with the circumstances of a difficult childhood. Writing has continued to serve as a sort of release therapy through adolescence and into adulthood.
  1. Tell us about your latest book: This books gives readers a bit of a glimpse into the life of a couple that is happy on the surface although their relationship is wavering due to lack of attention behind their smiles. That lack of attention leads one of the characters, Braelyn, to become involved with someone else, someone who gives her the time and attention she’s craving. Braelyn’s friend, Roxy, is enduring relationship drama with her on/off again boyfriend. The story follows both ladies through the twists and turns that are introduced in their relationships, all as a result of infidelity. I think it’s a story that several couples may be able to relate to, simply because it can become challenging to keep a relationship strong and healthy while balancing the demands of work and home life.

Where can readers purchase your book? The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, at Urban Moon Books in Chesapeake Square Mall in Chesapeake, VA; at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago; and at Mejah Books & Crafts in Claymond, DE. I have several other consignment agreements in the works, so stay tuned to my website for announcements/details when those become final.

How do you market your brand? I rely heavily on my social media contacts and my website for marketing. I’m also in the process of forging cross-promotion partnerships with various organizations and individuals. Additionally, I’m gathering a list of various book festivals and fairs to attend this year.

What events do you have coming up this summer? So far, I am tentatively scheduled to AAMBC Awards in Atlanta in June, the Harlem Book Fair in July, and the African American Author’s Expo in Baltimore in August.

What’s next for you? Well, I have a pretty disciplined writing schedule, so I anticipate releasing books 2 and 3 in my series in July and November, respectively.

What advice do you have for up and coming authors? Don’t be afraid to step out on faith. One of the most challenging aspects of writing is the doubt you may feel in wondering whether an audience will receive your written work. I heard several no’s and received lots of doubt and criticism before I got to this point, but it’s just never been in my nature to give up or indulge the negative view of others. Just keep pressing forward and keep your eye on the prize – and amass a quality network of fellow writers along the way as they’ll offer support and encouragement when you most need it.

Final Note: I plan to run several contests/giveaways, including giving away a Kindle Fire HD6 as part of my debut release campaign, so interested readers are encouraged to subscribe to my newsletter to stay abreast of these and other events at http://www.authortjrose.com/newsletter-1/

Social Media links:            facebook.com/authortj.rose

book_cover   twitter.com/tjrose_author


Author website: www.authortjrose.com



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