Book of the Issue; Born Sinners

PEN’Ashe Magazine has a new feature, Book of the Issue. I am personally, hand-picking books that I feel deserve attention and praise. This issue I have picked, Born Sinners. The reason I picked this book is because, I’m tired of seeing it on my timeline LOL.

Seriously, Author Marlon McCaulsky puts his blood sweat and tears into his work and this book doesn’t fall short. He promotes, markets and grinds. I read this book a few months ago and was very pleased. Marlon is a veteran in the literary industry and he never falls short with is work. Born Sinners is his latest novel, a page turning book you do not want to miss.

Congratulations Marlon, your book Born Sinners is PEN’Ashe’s Book of the Issue.

10849720_10154924530955722_8564011085781124975_nSynopsis: Everybody is born into a world of sin, but how can you change your fate when that’s the only life you know? Damien Ruffin was born and raised in Harlem’s Taft Projects by his heroine addicted mother. He only had one ambition in life, and that was to get out.

Damien becomes a solider in the street gang called, The Untouchables, led by the notorious gangsta known as Bishop. He quickly works his way up the ranks under the guidance of Bishop’s lieutenant Dwayne. Alliances are formed, loyalties are tested, but an old secret discovered could change everything.

An internal war between Bishop and Dwayne for power will force Damien to make a choice, but his personal demons may prove to be his ultimate downfall.

If you haven’t downloaded your copy, you can do so on Amazon.

Free with Kindle Unlimited!




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