Literally Speaking; Author Etiquette 102

Literally Speaking GraphicA while back, I saw a post from an author who had apparently been asked to do an interview. The author felt that the questions weren’t written well and refused to do the interview. I remember looking at the post and shaking my head a little, thinking that the author missed something vital in the interaction and had the wrong reaction.

Not everyone will be where we are or even where we think we are. There are so many variables when it comes to situations that arise, that we can’t always take everything so seriously. Perhaps the interviewer was just getting started and needed to sharpen his or her skills. Or maybe the questions were written in haste and words went missing or thoughts weren’t expressed clearly. How often do we rush from one thing to next and see errors that we made later on? How difficult would it have been to just ask the person to clarify what they were saying? Whatever the case may have been, I remember thinking that whoever asked to do the interview, obviously saw something in this author and wanted to support him or her. What a slap in the face that would have been to the one who asked to do the interview to be blown off so rudely.

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