Author Q&A with Leiann B. Wrytes

AuthPicLeiann B. Wrytes author of, Virtuous Deception 2, Available now on Amazon! 






PEN’Ashe Magazine: How long have you been a published author?

Leiann B Wrytes: Technically seven months.


PM: What is your motivation behind the pen?

LW: Writing is freedom. I am the best version of myself when I am able to create in this way. The words allow me to heal the broken parts of my person that may otherwise remain as such. It’s life-giving, the act of writing, and my hope is that others may also be encouraged or impacted positively by my offering.


PM: Describe your writing process.

LW: Deliberate chaos. The story comes naturally, playing out like a movie in my mind. My charge, as the author initially, is to transcribe what I see as accurately as I can. Once that is done, I go back through what I have written and delve into the characters involved in the moment. Plant myself in their shoes, take on their history, their pain, hurt, joy, or whatever and use these things to provide an honest, innate response from them. I do that with each and every scene; picking it apart and putting it back together. Throughout this process I am searching for ways to shock the reader. To challenge and make them uncomfortable a little bit. I think the stories that make us think, stretch our sensibilities a bit, stay with us the longest.


PM: Are you a full-time Author? If not, what struggles keep you from doing your craft full-time?

LW: I am a full time author but admittedly, without the support of my loving partner that would not be possible.


Virtuous Deceptions 2PM: Tell us how you came into the storyline of your latest book.

LW: Virtuous Deception 2: Playing for Keeps is at its core a love story. Every one is desperately trying to either be loved, or to give love. It is the second novel in the Virtuous Deception Series and so the characters are navigating through the wreckage of all that was revealed in Virtuous Deception. This time in their lives is like new book for them, a new chapter in their lives. Ultimately things happen, good or bad, and life goes on. It was a treat to venture into this phase with them and to find ways to complicate their situations even further because that felt closer to reality. None of us have just one thing going on at a time, it’s always a million things. Writing Virtuous Deception I could see some of those things coming down the pike and it was exciting to see how the characters would respond.


PM: What character(s) can you relate to the most?

LW: That is a very difficult question. I am extremely empathetic person and that certainly interferes with the creation of my characters. I have yet to create a character that I absolutely hate. I get angry and frustrated with them but for the most part I understand the pathology behind their behavior. I believe the thing they desire most is to be loved unconditionally and that craving leads to some very costly decisions. So to answer your question: the character(s) I relate to the most would be all of them because I understand the kind of desperation, borne from a lack of love, that can permeate our reality, distorting it into something unrecognizable.


PM: How do you market your work?

LW: Social Media, Blogtalk Radio Interviews, Magazine Q & A’s, and in the future I plan on going on book tours, and running ads in more newspapers, magazines etc.


PM: What are you currently reading?

LW: I am currently reading Discovering the Power Within You: A Guide to Unexplored Depths Within by Eric Butterworth


PM: What can we expect from you in 2015?

LW: Virtuous Deception 2: Playing for Keeps as I mentioned previously. I have a YA novel that I am really excited about as well as a semi-biographical novel as well.


PM: What advice do you have for up and coming authors?

LW: Read. Revise. Read. Revise. Invest in yourself and have your work professionally edited. Don’t fear revision because it is your very best friend. Consider it an opportunity to take your work from great to excellent. A revision could be the difference between you hitting a home run or knocking the ball out of the park. Lastly, keep writing. Don’t ever stop writing. If writing is what you love; let nothing or no one keep you from doing it.


Author Bio: Leiann B. Wrytes is an author, poet, and playwright. Leiann found a love for words early on as a spoken word poet and was inducted into the International Society of Poets at 15 years of age. She went on to become a staff writer for her high school newspaper, editor of her church’s newsletter, and that of the local Key Club, a volunteer organization on campus. Leiann has since then performed spoke word poetry at numerous events and had a stage play performed to a modest audience which received good reviews. Leiann’s background is in customer service but writing has always been her first love. Leiann B. Wrytes currently resides in Dallas TX with her family preparing for the release of her sophomore novel.



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