Author, Advocate, and Everything in Between

By: Miss Radiance

IMG_8889930432352May 20th for most people it was just another day of the year.

But for KS Oliver, this day has significantly changed her life in ways even she couldn’t have predicted. The journey began on May 20, 2010, when she was rushed to the emergency room, and without warning, she flatlined. Doctors were able to act fast enough to save her life, however, it would never be the same. She was diagnosed with Lupus, a terminal illness. From that day forward, she would be pricked and probed with needles, in and out of doctor’s offices, and face an everyday struggle to stay healthy. Despite all these challenges, KS Oliver did not let her illness stop her. Being a devoted wife and mother of two, she continued on to better days and even better accomplishments.

On May 20, 2013, KS Oliver became a published author and released her first book, “Still Standing,” a book of poetry.

On May 20, 2014, she released,”Flatlined: Almost Doesn’t Count,” a tell-all book documenting her life before and after a Lupus diagnosis. Then on May 20, 2015, KS released “Flatlined Resuscitated,” the conclusion of her tell-all series.

KS Oliver is also the CEO of Pen’Ashe, a literary magazine that promotes and markets other published authors. In June 2015, she started her own publishing company, Diamante Publications. Diamante is Spanish for Diamond.

It has been five years since KS Oliver flatlined, was brought back, and diagnosed with Lupus. Despite all her obstacles, she has vowed to keep striving for good health, wealth, success, and her journey has only just begun. To learn more about KS Oliver’s journey, please visit her website,, and get her Flatlined series, along with tee-shirts and other items and information.

This series is a must read, it will not only give an insight on what she has endured, but also on how often we take life for granted. It will inspire you to take better care of your health and never wait until the last minute. KS Oliver is a walking example that in the blink of an eye, your entire world can be flipped upside. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. She continues to fight every day, and although with living with Lupus makes it harder for her, on most days she has a great support system and a strong faith that encourages her beyond measures.


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