Author Q&A with Sheila M. Lockhart









Author of “Diva’z Jotz n Tittlez Volume 2, Featuring Embrace the Queen Within” available now on Amazon



PEN’Ashe Magazine: How long have you been a published author?

Sheila M. Lockhart: 3 years


PM: What is your motivation behind the pen?

SL: To write what’s on God’s heart, that the people need to hear. It doesn’t always appear kosher but it is. 🙂


PM: Describe your writing process.

SL: I write as the Spirit leads, I guess that you would say, “spontaneous “. Usually bits and pieces that are in no particular order.  I  may get the last chapter first or the meat of the book first.  It just depends on the flow and when I’m in full book writing mode I usually do not read other books, because I want to keep the mental clarity for what I am writing.


PM: Are you a full-time Author? If not, what struggles keep you from doing your craft full-time?

SL: I’m full-time mentally because I am always writing something,  be it poetry, quotes,  or pieces of a book. My struggle is finances, but I’m currently working on my fortune in order to be financially and time free! 🙂


PM: Tell us how you came into the storyline of your latest book.

SL: It is derived from my first book, “Diva’z Jotz n Tittlez ” which is a compilation of poetry and quotes, except this one has a section specific to women.


PM: What character(s) can you relate to the most?

SL: I relate to almost all the characters but I would say, the Queen.


PM: How do you market your work?

SL: Right now social media, book signings, and what I have on hand.


PM: What are you currently reading?

SL: No specific books right now.  I listen to motivational cds and scripture.

PM: What can we expect from you in 2016?

SL: I’m currently working on three!


PM: What advice do you have for up and coming authors?

SL: Stay focused and allow it to flow freely.  When you feel that you have a block,  than stop and regroup.  You probably just need to rest for more clarity and don’t get discouraged. For myself, I self published because it was more feasible, however it doesn’t necessarily produce the requirements that major bookstores have.  Utilize all avenues in order to market your book.

Lastly, write YOUR  story and don’t allow anyone to tell you different.


About The Author: A mother of four who had been residing in the Antelope Valley for over fourteen years. A former  member of Antelope Valley Christian Center in Lancaster, California for eleven years where she served faithfully in the music, dance, drama, publication, and prayer room ministries. As her season ended at AVCC, she joined Greater Harvest Christian Center in Palmdale, California, where she served as a youth facilitator. Sheila was also a board member of L’Tanya James Outreach Ministries, where she was licensed as Minister, and also served as Administrative Assistant and Armorbearer. Sheila has since returned to Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California, where she worships and receives the Word of God. Among a diversity of gifts in the creative arts, Sheila’s first passion is writing which allows her to express her love for the Lord to those that are lost, wounded, or just seeking to hear His voice. Shes has been writing as long as she can recall. She always says, ” As a child I would sit in the bathroom and write until my legs went numb”. Her out the box way of thinking allows for her mind to be open to ways to capture her readers heart. Sheila has contributed work to various Christian publications and newsletters along with Christian publishing websites and she currently has published three books; “Diva’s Jotz N Tittlez” volumes 1 and 2, and “Chronicles of Ms. Divine” and currently working on more projects to come.


Her favorite quote, “If you’re willing to be used He will use you.  God’s not looking for perfection, He’s looking for pliable”


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