Author Q&A with M’Hogany









Author of “Sinful Secrets” Available now on Amazon  





PEN’Ashe Magazine: How long have you been a published author?

M’Hogany: For about a little over a year


PM: What is your motivation behind the pen?

M: I have a story to tell and I express myself better through writing.


PM: Describe your writing process.

M: I write anywhere. I keep a notebook in reach everywhere I go and when an idea pops up I write until I can’t.


PM: Are you a full-time Author? If not, what struggles keep you from doing your craft full-time?

M: No I’m not a full time author. I currently am a full time pharmacy technician.


PM: Tell us how you came into the storyline of your latest book.

M: Mainly from my observations as a child and my opinions on life, relationships, love, and everything as life as I grow.


PM: What character(s) can you relate to the most?

M: Symone. She has a very different way of thinking which is so similar to my style. Non traditional.


PM: How do you market your work?

M: Social media, blog tours, radio shows, flyers, book fairs


PM: What are you currently reading?

M: Currently nothing focusing on my series and other ventures with the storyline. Trying to keep the creativity fresh and not comparing my style to anyone else’s.


PM: What can we expect from you in 2015?

M: Continuation of the sinful series, appearance at the national black book fair in Houston, possible appearance at Kwanzaa fest in December.


PM: What advice do you have for up and coming authors?

M: Tell your story your way. Don’t try to be like everyone else who’s written a novel. Not everyone will like your style of writing, and they shouldn’t. Your story, your voice, your way.


About the Author: M’Hogany reins from Dallas, Tx where she her literal career. Shy and soft spoken when you first meet, but a warm and welcoming spirit embraces you with unconditional love and endless support. In addition to being an author, she’s dabbling her skills into film-maker as well as playwright with projects bound for exposure in 2016. First and foremost, her skills start as all things do in the church where, for her, her musical background is deeply rooted. By day she’s a Nationally Certified Pharmacy and IV Technician for over and growing, with strong ties in the medical field. She started her literal venture around 12 as a poet, but placed it on the back burner to enjoy her youth. As life took it’s turns, writing beckoned her attention once more, but again she declined it’s offer. After 10 years of procrastination, she took on the challenge of the pen. Not ready to indulge deeply, she veered elsewhere. When tragedy, pain, and shattering events took place years down the road, M’Hogany sought refuge in what was once her biggest fear. Through that pain and fear, M’Hogany self-published and penned her debut novel “Sinful Secrets” the first book of her Sinful series under her company Melodic Publications, LLC.


“I write Relatable Fiction. Join me on this emotional roller-coaster that I promise you’ll want more” – M’Hogany



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