Book Review: Tragedy, Lust and Destiny

Review by: Negrita McCollum

White mask and black silk fabric, isolated on white
White mask and black silk fabric, isolated on white

About the Book: A great career, financial stability, and the looks to attract any woman he chooses, Dr. Daniel Bennett was a man that had it all. But he is also a man with a secret that haunts him while he’s awake and threatens to kill him while he sleeps. Four years ago an encounter with Africa’s most notorious and ruthless warlord ended in a massacre and a brutal murder he hasn’t been able to forget or forgive. The once outgoing and celebrated doctor has now become a cold and heartless recluse, intent on living a life free of emotional commitments.

Until the United Nation’s top crisis counselor; the incredibly beautiful and determined Ayana Burundi walks into his life forcing him to face his emotions and the darkest moments of his past. But for Ayana there is only one thing driving her; bringing the warlord Kronte “The Terror” Kroma before the international courts to answer for his crimes against her people and the doctor is the key. What begins as a simple request quickly turns into a struggle of wills and emotions as Daniel and Ayana’s lives fall into a collision course between love and a warlord willing to do anything to silence anyone that threatens his freedom.

Five Star Review: I read the book tragedy, lust and destiny by Navi Robins.  This book was a little different than what I expected.  I normally don’t read books like this but I have to give it to him it was pretty awesome. For me the book started out pretty boring in the beginning but it picked up and then I was hooked. I could not put this book down. OOMMMGGG the drama that goes on. I didn’t have to go outside because it was all in this book.

Reading this book it was an absolute page turner from beginning to end.  Dr.Bennett is something else. I have never read a book like this and this was a first. I felt that Ayana struggled and although I felt her hurt and pain to read what actually happened in the end was bananas.  I would have never thought Dr. Bennett did what he did but at the end of the day everyone has a story.  Love, hurt, Pain, Drama, Laughs, Cries this book has it all and I am honored to have read it.

I give this book 5 star rating for keeping me interested.  Embrace your talent Mr. Robins keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read more of your books.

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