Guest Article Writer: You’ve Been Asked for an Interview, Now What?

hoffmanOne of the best parts of being an author is being asked for an interview from a magazine, blog or website.  This is your chance to shine and share your book with their readers.

Here are a few tips to help you have a great interview.

  1. Complete the interview.

A lot of authors miss their opportunity for an interview because they don’t complete the interview.

  1. Copy and paste the interview.

Most blogs/sites copy and paste the interview to their posts. It’s a lot easier for them if you copy and paste the interview with the questions and answers intact. Don’t make extra work for them by just sending them the answers and no questions. You don’t want them trying to figure out which answer goes with which question.

  1. Include a picture.

Readers like to see what the author looks like. If you don’t have pictures, invest in you and get professional pictures taken.

  1. Include an email or contact information.

Readers like sending emails or letters to their favorite author. They can’t do this if you don’t have a way to contact you. Include a link to your website, invite the reader to stop by and join your mailing list.

  1. Be on time.

Make sure your completed interview reaches the site/blog in time for them to post on the date scheduled.

  1. Visit the site/blog featuring your interview.

Take time to visit the site/blog to see what the interview looks like. Check to see everything you sent is featured. The links are correct, no typos. Errors can be made, however if you don’t say anything the site/blog owner will never know.

If it’s a blog, leave a comment for the readers. Blog visitors like to see that the featured author took time to say hello. Make time to answer a few questions.

  1. Offer an autographed book or prize for a lucky winner.

Contests are good ways to draw readers, which adds new people to your mailing list.

  1. Send out an announcement to your mailing list, newsletter and social media.

Let your readers know about your interview. This will introduce them to the site/blog and they will learn a little more about you, their favorite author.

  1. Include a link on your site.

This is a nice way to thank the person interviewing you. Links are forever and whenever someone reads the post, they can click on the interview and visit a new site.

  1. Send a thank you note/email.

This will let the site/blog/magazine owner know you appreciate the interview and that you saw the interview. You can also let them know you’re available for future interviews.

An interview is a fun way to promote your book. Take time to schedule one or two interviews a month. You want to make the magazine editor’s life easier. Do your homework, approach them right and receive an interview.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do:

1.Don’t send a small picture. 300 dpi or higher.

If you can’t afford a professional pictures, have someone take a nice picture of you.  Selfies are not considered nice.

  1. Send in your interview with errors.

Take time to read your interview, make sure you are saying what you want to say.  Make sure you have a clean error free copy.

  1. Don’t Send in the wrong information.

Make sure you are submitting the right information for your book (blurb/excerpt)  Once the interview goes lives, no one wants to make corrections because you sent in the wrong information.

  1. Don’t bug the person about the interview.

Sending an email every week will not get the interview online faster.  Nobody wants to work with someone who nags them.

  1. Don’t get mad if your interview doesn’t make the issue.

There are reasons for deadlines.  Always make your deadlines.  You don’t want to be the one holding up a magazine issue.  You also don’t want to miss your opportunity to showcase you and your book because you were late turning in your interview.

This is an excerpt from my new book, Building Online Relationships – One Reader At Time.  It features more advice on how to get your book in front of readers. Each chapter includes action steps you can take to jump start your promotion.

About the Writer: LaShaunda C. Hoffman took her love for books and turned it into an award winning online magazine, Shades of Romance Magazine.  Her mission in life is to introduce as many books as she can to readers. She’s happily married mother of three who believes in dreams and working hard to achieve them.  She started a coaching program – Virtual Tea With LaShaunda to train writers on promoting their books online.

This summer she published her first book, Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time.

Catch her online: SORMAG –, See Ya On The Net, her personal site – , Facebook – or Twitter – lashaundaH.

Join her mailing list and receive 31 Promotion Tips.



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