Book Review; Gorilla Mob

Reviewed By: Daryia Dinkins

G-mob cover-promotionalAbout the Book: Two lovers, Smoke and Naja, are pushed to their breaking point when it becomes painfully clear that one of them has a secret. Smoke is also one quarter of a ruthless criminal outfit who call themselves the Gorilla Mob. Drug dealing, robbery, and shootouts are all just another day in the life for Smoke and his crew…until their supplier, Bones, gives them an opportunity to add “guns for hire” to their repertoire for a bounty that surpasses any payday they’ve seen thus far. Scenes that are brimming with action, detail, and unforgettable characters are what make this tale jump directly off the page for the reader. Gorilla Mob is a harrowing glimpse into the underworld of street culture that will not be soon forgotten.

4.5 Review: This book was really good! I loved it! I didn’t think Smoke would give Naja another chance but I love that he got back with her. I look forward to reading the sequel. Hope to see more Geechi. Good gangster novel. Gorilla mob does not play around! Awesome! This book was GREAT from the jump. I just couldn’t stop reading it.I read this book today. I’m suppose to be working and I’ve read the entire book. OMG Dorian you did your thing with this book. I loved it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone I may have to re-read it again.

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